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‘He better cast Idris Elba’: James Gunn Reportedly Secretly Working on a Mister Terrific Project

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After James Gunn was appointed as the co-chairman of the DC universe he brought many changes into the universe regarding the cast of some characters and introducing comic characters rather than developing the already established superheroes and villains. Many of the fans were disappointed by the change that he brought and many supported him. James Gunn has also used his social media reach to give many hints about some big characters of the universe such as Superman, Batman, and others. Recently a hint about the Mister Terrific project has been roaming in social media.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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Who Is Mister Terrific?

Mister Terrific is a superhero established in DC Comics and is a very intelligent individual who uses his intelligence as his main power. Before he stepped into the superhero business he was already a multi-millionaire, had completed 14 Ph. Ds, and also made a tech industry called Cyberwear. He was a very gifted individual as he had called it “a natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes”, he was this intelligent from a very early age and also had a gold medal winning an Olympic decathlete.

Mister Terrific
Mister Terrific

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When he stepped into the crime-fighting business he was able to quickly adapt to the scenarios because of his physical strength and conditioning. He also wore a T-shaped mask that was used to hide his face, the mask had very advanced technology that made him invisible to any kind of technology.

Will Mister Terrific Be Introduced Into the DCU By James Gunn?

DC Studios has not made any official announcement regarding Mister Terrific but rumors are going around that James Gunn has secretly started working on a project that will introduce him in his movie or tv show. As he is one of the fan-favorite characters in the DC universe, it is only a matter of time before Gunn comes up with something. As James Gunn has started announcing many movies and shows for the upcoming years, it only makes sense to introduce one of the most loved characters into the franchise.

Idris Elba
Idris Elba

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DC fans are expecting James Gunn to cast Idris Elba for the role of Mister Terrific as Elba had previously said that he was planning for a big DC project. As Gunn is currently focused on the DC characters that have not been established properly over the main faces of DC Comics, likely, a Mister Terrific project will soon be announced as he is the third most intelligent being in the superhero universe and also serves as the current chairman of the Justice Society of America.

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