“He blew my mind”: Michael Shannon Helped Launch Indiana Jones Star in Hollywood Despite Not Recalling Him Only a Decade Later

Michael Shannon Helped Launch Indiana Jones Star in Hollywood Despite Not Recalling Him Only a Decade Later
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Michael Shannon is one of the most inspiring and celebrated actors in Hollywood. His rich and incredible filmography contains film projects of almost all genres, for he has been an integral part of several fascinating, blockbuster, mind-bending, and pulse-pounding movies. Shannon is known for his unique acting approach and inescapable on-screen presence, which have helped him to collaborate with many highly acclaimed directors in showbiz. 


The 49-year-old star has continued to inspire and encourage young actors with his impeccable cinematic art, as his co-star Boyd Holbrook once revealed how the actor helped him launch his career in Hollywood. Holbrook claimed that before becoming a star, he met The Iceman movie at a department store in Prestonburg, Kentucky, where he asked the star how he became an actor. His advice greatly inspired him and motivated him to pursue his dream career.

Michael Shannon Helped Boyd Holbrook in Launching His Career in Hollywood

Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon is one of the most in-demand stars in showbiz, whose presence often leaves the audience star-struck, yearning to see more of him on the silver screen. Shannon has done and achieved a lot in his thriving career.


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In a candid interview with The Guardian, actor Boyd Holbrook recalled meeting the actor before he began his career in showbiz. Holbrook told the outlet that he once ran into the actor at a department store in Prestonburg, Kentucky, and asked him how he became an actor. Speaking with The Guardian, the Narcos actor said,

“I just went up to him (Michael Shannon) and said, you know, ‘How do you become an actor?’ And he blew my mind. He told me to get into theatre, and I realized what a simple thing that would be.” 

Boyd Holbrook
Boyd Holbrook

The 42-year-old actor also shared that one decade later, when he met him again, Shannon failed to recognize him. Holbrook claimed that his actor-friend Shea Whigham brought him to the actor and asked if he remembered meeting him, saying,


“He brought me to Michael and said, ‘Listen, you met this kid like 10 years ago.’ And Michael was like, ‘We met where? At a department store?’ He obviously had no clue. But, you know, it just goes to show you how far you can go.”

Michael Shannon’s advice helped and encouraged Boyd Holbrook to pursue his career in Hollywood. The actors will soon appear to share the silver screen in their upcoming 2023 American drama film The Bikeriders.

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Boyd Holbrook Reveals How He Met Michael Shannon

Boyd Holbrook and Michael Shannon
Boyd Holbrook and Michael Shannon

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Michael Shannon appeared with his co-star Boyd Holbrook and asked the actor to describe their first meeting in Kentucky, their hometown, before he stepped into showbiz. Holdbrook shared,


“I remember it vividly. I had dropped out of college after working for UPS. They pay your tuition. You work the graveyard shift and all that, but you’ve got to go to class at eight. I lasted about a year, and then I dropped out. I wound up moving into Lexington and working at a Lazarus department store. This is really when I started copiously acquiring movies and just watching everything. I had recognized you from, oh gosh, Vanilla Sky. Maybe two lines, but obviously, you made an impact on me.”

He continued,

“I wanted to be an actor. And I just see an actor just come by in the store. I think your mom was probably taking you out to buy something. You had red track pants on and cowboy boots, and a wife beater. I don’t know if you can call them a wife-beater anymore, but that and a blazer. I think she was trying to spiffy you up or something. That’s how memory serves. I just asked you how to become an actor and it enlightened me. But it was fairly simple just to get into the theater. It dawned on me that that is the route.”

Boyd Holbrook has constantly worked hard to establish himself as a successful star in Hollywood. The actor has previously admitted that Michael Shannon’s advice encouraged him to begin his journey in the film industry and to pursue his dream career.

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