“He can’t get in shape in time”: Triple H Humiliated Dwayne Johnson after He Refused to Wrestle in WWE

"He can't get in shape in time": Triple H Humiliated Dwayne Johnson after He Refused to Wrestle in WWE
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Triple H, the professional wrestler known for breaking bones and slamming others, once humiliated Dwayne Johnson. After a refusal to star in the WWE due to his Hollywood career, Triple H felt the need to insult the actor.


Talking about his departure from the world of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson had a breakthrough in his Hollywood career. Triple H joked that The Rock could not get in shape in time and that is why he refused to wrestle once again in the WWE.

Triple H is a WWE veteran that destroyed several wrestlers.
Triple H is a WWE veteran that destroyed several wrestlers.

Triple H Insulted Dwayne Johnson For Not Taking Part In WWE

After starring in The Mummy Returns as The Scorpion King back in 2001, The Rock got off to a pretty okayish start. The actor was criticized for having some bad acting skills (although understandable) but managed to get on top of the Hollywood celebrity list.

Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

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As his Hollywood career was booming, the actor started appearing less and less in WWE events like Wrestlemania and Summerslam. Following a hiatus, the actor was confirmed not to return to his roots since his Hollywood career was flourishing with box office hits and worldwide fame. Triple H, a notable WWE legend once insulted Dwayne Johnson for not appearing in the WWE.

After refusing to return to WWE, Triple H joked that Dwayne Johnson was not able to get back in shape in the limited time. Poking fun at the wrestler-turned-actor, Triple H further continued Johnson’s joke of not being able to stay in shape.


“He can’t get in shape in time, that’s what you all tell me.”

It wasn’t all since Triple H further talked that there was no way The Rock would just half-a** a WWE event and would only return if he was ready to give it his all.

There is no way he would show up here and half a** it,”

During all the Hollywood quarrels and setbacks, Dwayne Johnson’s rumors of having a quarrel with co-star Vin Diesel. Jason Momoa was brought in as his replacement and is the antagonist in the upcoming Fast X.

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Jason Momoa Claimed That Vin Diesel Is A Cool Guy

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans will co-star in Red One.

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After his fallout with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson left the Fast and the Furious franchise to pursue other projects. It was Jason Momoa that filled in the role of another hunk male but in an antagonistic way. Talking about his experience while shooting, Jason Momoa stated that Vin Diesel was a pretty chill guy although he expected more drama from him.

“I was expecting there to be a lot of – I mean, to be completely honest – drama, and you’re like, ‘I want nothing to do with this.’ But I saw nothing of the sort. It was amazing. Everyone was so supportive. I had a ball with Vin. I was just shocked at how cool everyone was. No one was jaded; everyone was just really, really happy to be there,”

This could potentially indicate that Vin Diesel might not have been as difficult to work with as Dwayne Johnson made him out to be. With multiple movies and projects lined up for the actor, The Rock will make his appearance in the upcoming movie Red One which is slated for a release date of sometime in 2023.


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