“He can’t tell if a bullet hit him or not?”: Deleted Superman Scene Where Lois Knows the Truth About Clark Kent Shows a Major Flaw in Christopher Reeves’ Man of Steel

This charming deleted scene from Superman II has a major flaw according to fans.

"He can't tell if a bullet hit him or not?": Deleted Superman Scene Where Lois Knows the Truth About Clark Kent Shows a Major Flaw in Christopher Reeves' Man of Steel


  • Christopher Reeve's Superman II had two versions, the theatrical cut and Richard Donner's cut.
  • One deleted scene from the theatrical cut featured Lois Lane testing Clark Kent by shooting a blank gun at him.
  • Fans were dismissive of the scene as it was illogical that Superman did not realize the gun was blank.
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Christopher Reeve’s Superman is most people’s definitive portrayal of the character. Richard Donner successfully balanced the superheroic aspects of the character along with the nerdy charm of his alter ego Clark Kent. The success of the first film led to Reeve returning for three sequels.

Christopher Reeve as Superman in 1978's Superman
Christopher Reeve as Superman in 1978’s Superman

Donner’s Superman has been the benchmark that every other iteration of the character aims to achieve. However, Superman II did not see the return of Donner and many of his intended scenes did not feature in the theatrical film. An interesting but flawed deleted scene featuring Lois and Clark has fans relived that it did make it into the final cut.

Fans Find a Major Flaw in Deleted Scene from Superman II

This alternate deleted scene of Lois Lane testing Clark Kent
This deleted scene from Superman II was used in Richard Donner’s cut of the film

The production of Superman II was a chaotic one as Richard Donner was let go from the project after he had shot significant parts of the film (via Collider). Although his version later became Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, many of his scenes were still left on the cutting floor in the theatrical version.


One of the scenes was a pivotal scene involving how Lois Lane finds out that Christopher Reeve‘s Clark Kent is Superman. The scene sees Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane testing whether Clark is Superman by shooting him with a gun (with no bullets). Clark/ Superman does not seem to know this and is terrified that Lois is planning to shoot him. As she shoots, Clark gets into defensive mode and reveals he’s Superman in the process.

In the theatrical version, it was revealed through Clark falling into a fireplace in front of Lois and seeing no damage to him. After seeing the deled scene, fans realized the flaw in it where despite his superpowers and heightened senses, he does not seem to know that the gun is blank. They believed that the makers thought the same, and left it from the film, as it would be far-fetched. Here are some of the reactions on X,



The scene was included in the Donner version of the film which was released in 2006. It is interesting to see how Donner wanted the Superman reveal to happen. While it may have some logical flaws as pointed out by fans, it still has a certain charm about it with Reeve totally nailing the instant switch between both personas.


Richard Donner Respects Christopher Reeve For Truly Owning Superman

Christopher Reeve as Superman
Richard Donner believed that no one can play Superman (from Superman II) better than Christopher Reeve

Back in the 70s, no one believed that a Superman live-action film was going to work. When Richard Donner took on the responsibility of making one for Warner Bros, many big names were thrown out to portray the famed superhero. However, Donner only saw Christopher Reeve fitting perfectly into the role.

In an interview with Den of Geek, the director revealed that he was convinced by Reeve’s ability to be Superman after he saw him in a Broadway show. Donner has huge respect for Reeves for putting his heart and soul into the character and also fully owning up to making a film about a ‘flying super-man’ palpable. He said,

“Once Ilya Salkind and I saw him in an off-Broadway play, we came away totally believing that this skinny, light-haired kid could play the role. He was brave to take the shot. He was Superman, you know. I mean, there’s no two ways about it. Christopher, when he got into that role, was Superman. He was such a dedicated young actor taking on what some considered a ridiculous role. But he dedicated that period of his life to that character. I’ll always respect him for it.”

Reeve’s portrayal of the character is deemed as the best live-action Superman. After Brandon Routh and Henry Cavil took over from Reeve in films, David Corenswet is currently taking on the mantle in James Gunn’s Superman. It remains to be seen if Corenswet can come close to what Reeve created with the character.


Fans can watch Reeve’s Superman and Superman II on Max. 


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