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“He did it deliberately, right in my face”: Female Co-star Has Not Forgiven Arnold Schwarzenegger For Farting On Her Face

"He did it deliberately, right in my face": Female Co-star Has Not Forgiven Arnold Schwarzenegger For Farting On Her Face

Thanks to his many action film roles, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a major Hollywood star and a household name. Throughout his decades, Schwarzenegger has starred in several critically acclaimed films that helped establish his legendary status. However, not everyone who has worked with him thinks highly of him.

Miriam Margolyes, Schwarzenegger’s co-star in End of Days, claimed that he “deliberately” farted in her face, which she found rude and unprofessional. This incident has been a contention between Margolyes and Schwarzenegger for many years.

Miriam Margolyes Can’t Get Over The Fart-cident

Miriam Margolyes
Miriam Margolyes

The supernatural action thriller End of Days came out in 1999. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, and Kevin Pollak star in this Peter Hyams-directed and Andrew W. Marlowe-written film.

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In it, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a former NYPD detective named Jericho Cane, who gets drawn into a conflict with end-of-the-world implications. Actress Miriam Margolyes, who played Mabel in End of Days, recently talked to the I’ve Got News For You podcast about her experience working with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She explained that she “didn’t care for him,” calling him “a bit too full of himself.”

“Schwarzenegger, didn’t care for him … he’s a bit too full of himself.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Margolyes continued that Schwarzenegger was extremely rude and unprofessional by farting in her face during filming. She took it personally and still harbors resentment towards her co-star.

“He was actually quite rude. He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course I do – but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face.”

Margolyes thought Schwarzenegger’s rude behavior was done on purpose to show who’s boss by Schwarzenegger. Since then, she has avoided him and has no intention of ever working with him again.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miriam Margolyes in End of Days

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miriam Margolyes in End of Days
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miriam Margolyes in End of Days

End of Days received a generally negative critical reception upon its release in 1999, despite its enduring popularity among some fans. The film, and Schwarzenegger specifically, was panned for its confusing plot and lackluster acting.

End of Days was nominated for four Razzies, including Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actor, and Worst Director. After all, was said and done, the film “won” a grand total of zero Razzies, with Schwarzenegger losing to Adam Sandler for Big Daddy.

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Fans of the action-horror genre have stuck with End of Days despite its mixed reviews. Schwarzenegger’s performance as Jericho Cane is as reliable as ever, and the film is packed with exciting action sequences and impressive visual effects.

Margolyes performs as Mabel, Satan’s sister, who Schwarzenegger’s villain brutally murders. Since the release of End of Days, Schwarzenegger has remained one of the most legendary and renowned actors in the history of the film industry.

Source: I’ve Got News For You

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