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“He did not want anything to do with it”: Netflix’s One Piece Showrunner Claims Eiichiro Oda Was the Sole Reason Behind Show’s Success While Cowboy Bebop Failed Miserably

Netflix's One Piece Showrunner Claims Eiichiro Oda Was the Sole Reason Behind Show's Success While Cowboy Bebop Failed Miserably

The first season of One Piece live-action has made every One Piece fan pleased with its great editing, storyline, character choices, and development. It is most likely the first live-action series that has earned fan acceptance. The series is receiving praise not only from fans but also from critics and reviewers. It is likely the only live-action version of a manga that has not been a flop, instead earning popularity all over the world. The original manga and series fanbase has embraced the adaptation and is eagerly anticipating season 2.

The cast of the live-action series were chosen carefully
The Straw Hat Pirates

The entire credit for the success of the series goes to the creators, actors, staff but most of all, the man behind the original anime and manga series Eiichiro Oda. Even the producers of the show agree with this statement.

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The Success of One Piece Live-Action

For Tomorrow Studios, One Piece was a follow-up to another live-action Netflix series based on a renowned animation, Cowboy Bebop, which only lasted one season. One Piece executive producers, Tomorrow Studios’ Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements in an interview with Deadline, explained why Bebop didn’t work but One Piece did. Adelstein said:

“Here’s what we learned. You have to have a buy-in from the creator. The creator of Cowboy Bebop did not want anything to do with it. Not that he was disagreeable about it; he just didn’t want to be involved, It’s not what he wanted to do.”

John Cho as Spike Speigel in Netflix's Cowboy Bebop (2021).
Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop (2021).

“So having the buy-in of the creator, having Oda buy into this and bless it, made a big difference. But I think the main lesson was Cowboy Bebop was an adaptation. With One Piece, we learned that you have to stay very close to the characters that the creator created and that people wanted to see Luffy as Luffy and embody all the characteristics that he had. So we stayed much, much closer, in fact, as close as we could to the original to get the fans to buy-in, and that seemed to be the thing that made the difference.”

The Producers also stated that everything they do is in collaboration with Netflix, Shueisha, and Oda-san and that they are always a part of the conversation.

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Precautions Taken While Making One Piece as Compared to Cowboy Bebop

Adelstein highlighted how the series’ success influenced his reaction to it. It wasn’t entirely unexpected given how much they enjoyed the series. They were a little hesitant after their previous anime adaption, but they felt extremely good going into it.

One Piece live-action is a hit
One Piece

The truly pleasant part is that they were up against some headwinds from supporters who weren’t anticipating something as good as they got.

All episodes of Live-Action One Piece are streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Deadline

Written by Tarun Kohli