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“He didn’t see us as his enemy”: Tom Cruise Went to Extreme Lengths to Ensure Top Gun 2 Saves Cinemas, Hid Behind Projection Rooms to Understand What the Fans Wanted

“He didn’t see us as his enemy”: Tom Cruise Went to Extreme Lengths to Ensure Top Gun 2 Saves Cinemas, Hid Behind Projection Rooms to Understand What the Fans Wanted

Tom Cruise worked extremely hard on bringing to life the sequel to his hit Top Gun. The sequel ended up becoming not only the biggest movie of 2022 but also of his career. Everyone acknowledged just how perfectly crafted it was both as a sequel and as a tribute. For his effort of the same, he received the David O. Selznick honor in the PGA Awards.

You Are Not Ready For Money Tom Cruise Makes per Word of Dialogue in His Films
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Everyone who works with him has praised his work ethic. They only have good things to say about the actor and how he will make sure that the movie reaps the best of what they have without having to face any difficulties. His determination has been one to take inspiration from.

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Tom Cruise Became One With The Studio To Make His Films The Best

Tom Cruise has always mixed well with the cast and crew of any movie he works in. His work ethic and enthusiasm to bring out the best of his work have always managed to inspire those he works with. He was the one who pushed for a theatrical release of Top Gun: Maverick despite the pandemic hitting the Hollywood industry badly. His trust in the fans made it possible for his movie to become the best one yet.

Tom Cruise Could Take His Stunts To Another Level As He May Perform A Spacewalk For An Upcoming Film
Tom Cruise

“He watched every day of dailies … watched all the previews.”

According to many, he would adjust to a lower budget even if things demanded the budget to be higher. He then would work towards somehow managing that budget without losing the glory and potential of the movie. The actor understood any decision that was to be made by the studios. He would go within the project rooms to make sure he was not missing out on anything. His dedication to watching movies and becoming a part of them makes it one of the biggest reasons to see Cruise where he is standing today.

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Tom Cruise Would Sneak Into Movie Theatres

The actor admitted that there had been times in his life when he would be completely out of money. It would make it impossible for him to able to see any movie even though it was his favorite thing to do. To fix that, he would find ways to sneak into theatres and watch the flicks. Tom Cruise managed to work various jobs just so that he would not lose out on an opportunity to watch the latest movie.

Tom Cruise Talks Streaming for Top Gun Sequel at Cannes – The Hollywood Reporter
Tom Cruise

“I wasn’t watching a movie, but on the set making one.”

It was Taps that inspired him to get more into the world of moviemaking. The experience completely changed his life in terms of the movies he saw and soon he wanted to be a part of them rather than watching them from a distance. Taps was his first movie, that too only at the age of 18. He was looking through the production process and learned more about what he wanted to do in the future.

Top Gun: Maverick is now streaming on Paramount+.

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