“He does not look like he weighs 215”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolls Donald Trump Over His Alleged Lies, Gives One Advice to Lose Weight at 77

"He does not look like he weighs 215": Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolls Donald Trump Over His Alleged Lies, Gives One Advice to Lose Weight at 77
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, renowned as a former California governor and an iconic figure in bodybuilding, is no stranger to the spotlight, and he never holds back his candid thoughts. His recent moment in the headlines was marked by a remarkable blend of wit and humor as he took a clever jab at former President Donald Trump’s purported falsehoods.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Jests Against Donald Trump Regarding His Alleged Falsehoods

Arnold Schwarzenegger, honored for his larger-than-life presence on and off the silver screen, recently indulged in some lighthearted jesting with former President Donald Trump.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the recent years
Arnold Schwarzenegger in recent years

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The former action star turned politician showcased his penchant for humor in addressing Trump’s alleged inaccuracies. With a display of wit and playfulness, the 76-year-old good-naturedly ribbed the ex-commander-in-chief for his controversial statements.

Schwarzenegger’s wit extended beyond politics when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his book, Be Useful.


The host, acknowledging Schwarzenegger’s expertise in physique and bodybuilding, probed him about Trump’s weight, referencing records from Fulton County.

The Terminator star cleverly responded, saying he couldn’t accurately gauge Trump’s weight but humorously advised, “I would just say, run around yourself three times and you’re going to be in great, great shape.”

When pushed to estimate Trump’s weight at 215 pounds, Schwarzenegger quipped, “Yes, as much as it is possible that there is no climate change,” the ex-California governor joked.


“As much as it’s possible that we don’t need to reduce pollution. Look, we all know the way he is, and if it makes him feel good to tell everyone he weighs 215, I think everyone laughs about it because he does not look like he weighs 215. He’s a little more like 315.”

The exchange emphasized that even in the political arena, a well-timed jest can inject a bit of humor. Moreover, it’s worth noting that Schwarzenegger, despite his jokes, previously shared his workout routine as inspiration for maintaining fitness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveiled His Age-Defying Fitness Secrets

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the enduring action icon and former California governor, remains a beacon of age-defying vitality as he revisits his fitness regimen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Celebrated for his sculpted physique and unwavering commitment to well-being, Schwarzenegger continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Despite his age, Schwarzenegger’s workout approach has evolved. While he once pushed his limits to attain his iconic muscular physique, his focus has shifted towards efficient workouts, prioritizing overall body health.

After enduring numerous core surgeries and procedures on his shoulders and knees, he emphasizes the importance of protecting and rehabilitating his body. According to the Men’s Health, the actor revealed,


“Bodybuilding gave me everything. I don’t know if I didn’t get into bodybuilding if I would have got a clear vision of where to go in life.”

The conversation surrounding Schwarzenegger often revolves around his legendary physique, sculpted over five decades.

During his Mr. Olympia bodybuilding era, he set body goals for countless individuals. Today, he recognizes his body’s limitations and begins with high-repetition curling exercises to warm up his vulnerable elbows.

Schwarzenegger’s unwavering dedication to fitness showcases his enduring commitment to a healthy lifestyle, proving that age is no barrier to maintaining one’s well-being.


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