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“He does the fight and stunts himself”: Expendables 4 Stunt Coordinator Picks the Action Star Who’s the Most Fun to Work With – It’s Not Sylvester Stallone

Expendables 4 Stunt Coordinator Picks the Action Star Who's the Most Fun to Work With - It's Not Sylvester Stallone

Written by Sylvester Stallone, the renowned action thriller franchise, The Expendables consists of four films. With much hype generated by the previous films, the series is all set to release its fourth installment. Dominated by the breathtaking action scenes, The Expendables 4 will make its return with the inclusion of some new faces in the franchise.

While the new and existing faces bring an evolution in the franchise, the efforts of the man behind the implementation of these aesthetic stunts can’t be overlooked. Recently, stunt coordinator Alan Ng shared his experience working for The Expendables 4 and also revealed, during the interview, his favorite person to work with on set.

The Expendables 4
The Expendables 4

Stunt coordinator Alan Ng shared his experience working on The Expendables 4

During an interview with Screen Rant, Alan Ng shared his thrilling experience working on The Expendables 4. When Ng was asked about the creative freedom he was given by the filmmaker Scott Waugh to implement his stunts, he said,

“Scott gave us so much freedom to create the fight scenes, and Jason gave his full support to create the fight scenes.” 

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He further said that he had to work under a lot of pressure, as he joined the project when the shooting had already started hence there were some time constraints. However, with the great coordination and support of Jason Statham and Waugh, the scenes were implemented as planned. Ng said,

“I’m very grateful that Jason and Scott put so much trust in me and my team to create some awesome fight scenes in such a tight time frame.”

Stunt Coordinator Alan Ng
Stunt Coordinator Alan Ng

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When Ng was asked about which actor from the film did their own stunts, he replied by saying.


 “It would be Jason. He does the fight and stunts himself and picks up the choreography after seeing it once. He moves extremely well; his timing and spacing is fantastic.” 

The actor also claimed that it was easy working with Statham and Tony Jaa as both of them were quick learners and preferred doing their own stunts. 

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What’s in store for the upcoming The Expendables 4

The Expendables
The Expendables

With an impressive ensemble cast and breathtaking action scenes, The Expendables film series has consistently proven to be a great success throughout its existence. And now with the upcoming release of The Expendables 4, the franchise continues to create hype among the fans.

The upcoming film revolves around the adventures of the world’s top action stars. Of course, The Expendables is incomplete without the OG Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone, and to fans’ excitement, the legends will mark their return with the fourth installment of the film.

Apart from them, the film is joined by some new faces, including Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Megan Fox, and others. With this combination of old and newcomers, fans can root for a thrilling experience with The Expendables 4.

The film is scheduled to hit the theaters on September 22nd.

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Source: Screen Rant

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