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“He doesn’t do television”: Jon Hamm Didn’t Waste the Chance to Shade Marvel Star Who Refused ‘Mad Men’ Only to Star in HBO Series 2 Years Later

Jon Hamm Didn't Waste the Chance to Shade Marvel Star Who Refused 'Mad Men' Only to Star in HBO Series 2 Years Later

In the dynamic world of entertainment, destiny’s currents can be remarkably meddlesome, frequently giving rise to captivated encounters and irregular rivalries among its luminaries. An intriguing narrative unfolds into the intertwined fates of Jon Hamm, the charismatic and incredibly talented actor known for his iconic role in Mad Men, and Thomas Jane, a notable figure from the Marvel universe who, at one crucial time, turned down a chance that the 52-year-old fervently seized.

Jon Hamm
Actor, Jon Hamm

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Jon Hamm Cast A Shadow On Thomas Jane’s Mad Men Rejection

Jon Hamm, acclaimed for his iconic role in the hit series Mad Men, stirred the entertainment world when he revisited a decision that could have altered Hollywood history. Hamm had become iconic for his portrayal of Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. At the time he secured the role, he was a little-known, small-time TV actor.

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Jon Hamm
Baby Driver star, Jon Hamm

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In a prior interview on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, Hamm had revealed that the cable network, which has since successfully launched Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and The Killing, had Hung star Thomas Jane in mind for the iconic part. 

The first five pages of the pilot script were where Hamm initially became interested in Mad Men, and the Emmy-nominated actor claimed he had to start from scratch. There was no way he could have been warmer. 

Nobody recognized him. The casting directors were unaware of his identity. The actor had claimed that nobody had put him on their list. 

They intended to use movie and television celebrities to fill the gaps. He revealed, 

“I think they went to Thomas Jane for it and they were told that Thomas Jane doesn’t do television. Now starring in Hung, by the way.”

The revelation sparked discussions about the intricate web of choices that defines an actor’s career and how a single decision could shape their trajectory. Yet, it was also noteworthy that Hamm became well-known because of Mad Men.

Jon Hamm Made A Name Through His Role In Mad Men

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm in Mad Men

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In the annals of television history, few names gleam as brilliantly as Hamm’s, and this radiance owes its existence to his transformative role in the iconic series, Mad Men. His journey from relative obscurity to global acclaim stands as proof of his remarkable talent and the enchanting allure of storytelling.

It’s astonishing to ponder whether anyone other than Hamm could have embodied the manipulatively sophisticated Don Draper in Mad Men.

However, Hamm wasn’t always the indisputable frontrunner for this now-legendary character. Jane nearly clinched the role before Hamm did.

Although it’s uncertain whether Jane explicitly rejected the part, his acceptance could have eclipsed Hamm’s ascent. Before assuming the mantle of Don Draper, Hamm’s filmography consisted of minor TV and film roles, often as unnamed characters.

However, Don Draper served as the crucible where Hamm showcased his extraordinary talents. Following this breakthrough, Hamm embarked on a stellar career.

While Mad Men ran until 2015, Hamm’s star power propelled him into various roles, both in television and film. Unlike the 54-year-old, Hamm displayed a willingness to embrace diverse opportunities, unbounded by format.

Whether leading in major cinematic roles or undertaking periodical appearances on television, Hamm perpetually captivates his audience, emerging as a yearly fan favorite.

Source: WTF Podcast

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