“He gave me a long stare”: Mel Gibson’s Reaction on Meeting The Guy He Dropped ‘A–Hole’ Bomb on During Live Interview

"He gave me a long stare": Mel Gibson's Reaction on Meeting The Guy He Dropped 'A--Hole' Bomb on During Live Interview
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Only a few pop culture enthusiasts will remember the infamous interview when Mel Gibson dropped the A-bomb live on a WGN Reporter back in 2010. Being both hilarious and controversial at the same time, the clip took over the internet even after years of it being aired. Believe it or not, the two again faced each other yet again for an epic showdown dressed as an interview, and people were stoked to see how it actually turned out.


Thus, after almost six years of the interview, the two parties in question came together to reconcile and set the record straight once and for all.

Mel Gibson in the said WGN interview
Mel Gibson in the said WGN interview

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Mel Gibson Finally Reunited With the Reporter He Dropped the A-Bomb On

Initially, the interaction between WGN Reporter Dean Richards and Mel Gibson, the Mad Max actor, appeared pleasant. However, during the promotion of his movie Edge of Darkness, via video conference on WGN-TV quickly took an unexpected turn when he reacted strongly to a question from the interviewer. Unaware that the feed had not yet cut out, Gibson called the reporter an “a–hole,” resulting in a clip that went viral and dominated the internet for several years.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

Since then the two had not had any opportunity to fight it out or even reconcile, not until after the next six years to promote a movie yet again, called Hacksaw Ridge. The two finally had an opportunity to sit down together this time face to face to sort things out. The reporter Dean Richards later shared his experience stating,

 “I walked into the room, greeted him (Gibson) and Andrew Garfield, the star of the new film he (Gibson) directed, “Hacksaw Ridge.” As we shook hands, he gave me a long stare, squeezed my hand, and then we had a very pleasant conversation.”

Although there was no verbal acknowledgment, it appeared that the two had moved past the incident and left it behind in the past.


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What Happened in the 2010 WGN Interview?

During a remote interview on January 29, 2010, WGN-TV’s Dean Richards spoke with actor Mel Gibson about his new film, Edge of Darkness. The conversation also touched upon the public’s perception of Gibson, considering his past drunken outburst and anti-Semitic rant during a 2006 arrest, and thats when things got heated. Gibson in reply to the question stated,

“That’s almost four years ago, dude. I mean, I’ve moved on. I guess you haven’t.” 

Dean Richards, the reporter
Dean Richards, the WGN reporter

Following the interview, Mel Gibson inadvertently made a candid remark, calling him an “a–hole,” while seemingly unaware that the camera was still rolling and he was still on air. Despite Gibson and his publicist’s later clarification that the comment was directed at the publicist, the public was not easily convinced and remained skeptical about the explanation, and still does to this very day.


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Source: WGN Morning News


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