“He got nervous”: Bruce Willis Couldn’t Bring Himself to Kiss 26 Years Younger Jessica Alba in $158M Movie

"He got nervous": Bruce Willis Couldn't Bring Himself to Kiss 26 Years Younger Jessica Alba in $158M Movie

Bruce Willis never hesitated once asking for the moon for his movie roles, but the retired actor certainly hesitated while filming one alongside 26 years younger actress, Jessica Alba. During the filming of the first Sin City movie, The Sixth Sense actor felt uneasy about making out with a much-younger star, but on the other hand, Alba considered him as her knight in shining armor.

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Bruce Willis was diagnosed with Aphasia in 2022

Jessica Alba Was Awestruck By Bruce Willis’ Nervousness

During the filming of Robert Rodriguez’s 2015 movie, Sin City, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, Die Hard actor Bruce Willis felt uneasy while kissing his 26 years younger co-star, Jessica Alba.


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Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis in Sin City (2005)
Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis in Sin City (2005)

During an interview, Alba, who plays the stripper, Nancy Callahan in the $158 million movie, explained:


“We finally get to that scene and Bruce is sitting down and I’m going in for the kiss and he goes, ‘Maybe I get up and walk away and she runs after me.’

He says it to Robert when we were shooting it and Robert was like, ‘What?’ He got nervous – Bruce Willis. It was really cute, ’cause it’s like this man, Die Hard, and Moonlighting.”

The Dark Angel actor, on the other hand, was more than comfortable with her character as she thought of Willis as her “knight in shining armor.” About her roles as Nancy Callahan, she explained that she always looked at him (Detective John Hartigan played by Willis) as her soulmate from the movie’s perspective.

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Nancy Callahan Grew Up, The Film Series Didn’t!

Working alongside Bruce Willis was like a dream come true for a then-young, Jessica Alba. The actress, who has often been outspoken about the struggles of women in Hollywood, famously said that female actors were never her competition, it was the male actors. She famously said:

“I wasn’t competitive with other actresses, I was competitive with male actors, why can’t I open movies? Why can’t I put asses on seats? I didn’t want to be the women Bruce Willis was into in Die Hard, I wanted to be Bruce Willis.”

Jessica Alba in Sin City 2 (2014)
Jessica Alba in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For  (2014)

Alba returned in a much crazier and more mature version of Nancy in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For as Bruce Willis, who reprised detective, John Hartigan, witnessed the actress take “drastic measures in her quest for revenge, going crazy and cutting off her hair.”


The movie, however, turned out to be a box-office bomb, grossing only $39 million against its $65 million budget. This resulted in the cancellation of a previously planned, Sin City 3. Bruce Willis has been undergoing treatment for Aphasia since he decided to retire from his lucrative career in 2022.

Sin City (2005) can be rented or purchased on Apple TV.


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