“He had me working 6 hours a night”: Robert De Niro Went Ballistic Over His Role in $29M Film, Kept Pressing His Co-star’s Father For Detailed Notes

“He had me working 6 hours a night”: Robert De Niro Went Ballistic Over His Role in $29M Film, Kept Pressing His Co-star’s Father For Detailed Notes

Robert De Niro is widely recognized as a brilliant actor thanks to his work in masterpieces like Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. Over the years, the man has perfected the formula for captivating performances, charm, intensity, and just pure talent. Take one look at his filmography and you will realize why the actor brings the phrase ‘Born to Act’ to life.

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro

Despite being one of the best in the industry, Robert De Niro does not take his job for granted. He still works as hard to perfect his roles today as he did in the 1960s. Taking his upcoming film, About My Father, as an example, Robert De Niro went out of his way to get into his character where he plays the role of Sebastian Maniscalco’s dad. Since the character is loosely based on Sebastian Maniscalco’s relationship with his father, Salvatore Maniscalco, Robert De Niro just had to get notes from the man himself!

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Robert De Niro Badgered Co-star’s Father to Perfect His Character

Sebastian Maniscalco with his father
Sebastian Maniscalco with his father

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Sebastian Maniscalco will soon be seen starring alongside Robert De Niro in About My Father which is loosely based on the former’s life and his bond with his father. De Niro will be playing the character of Maniscalco’s dad, Salvo. In order to get into character, De Niro called Maniscalco’s father down to Oklahoma where he spent two days trying to get as much information as he could about the man’s personality.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Somewhere in Queens actor gave an insight into these two days. While Maniscalco’s father believed he would be hanging out with De Niro for about twenty minutes, the actor’s perfection had the two working for six hours a day. After all, perfection does not come with ease!

“Dad went down to Oklahoma to spend two days with De Niro cause’ De Niro wanted to get the essence of my father. My dad’s a hairstylist, he doesn’t know anything about the Hollywood, so he goes down there and De Niro’s like, ‘How do you wear your hat, how do you wear your chain and what do you d..’ So my dad is sitting there…giving him Sicilian sayings to say in the movie and De Niro is like pressing him, asking him questions. He’s like, ‘Bring me notes.’ My dad’s like, ‘Notes? I thought I was gonna go hang out with him for15-20 minutes. Guy’s got me working six hours a night!’”

The stand-up comedian added that it was surreal to see his father, a hairstylist, being friendly and chatting with one of the biggest stars of the entertainment industry. In fact, the two built such a bond in the two days that after the meeting was done, De Niro was looking forward to Zoom with Maniscalco’s father.


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Robert De Niro Also Helped Sebastian Maniscalco Out

Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro in About My Father
Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro in About My Father

During the filming of About My Father, Maniscalco had to get emotional for a scene but he just wasn’t able to get in the zone. He told US Weekly how De NIro’s advice guided him through the scene.

“I talked to De Niro and I tell him, ‘Listen, I need you help here. I ain’t getting there. And what he told me was to think about my dad, think about how he came [to the United States] when he was 15 years old not knowing the language and started a life for himself. And look at where you’re at, who you are now. I started to get emotional and I started to use that coming into the scene. I haven’t done enough acting where I was able to get there on my own, and he definitely helped me and guided me through that scene.”

It looks like spending all that time with Salvatore Maniscalco not only helped De Niro but The Irishman actor as well! About My Father has received quite a few good words from the critics and Collider even called it one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.

About My Father releases in theatres on May 26.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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