“He has a license to kill”: Tom Hanks Picks His Next James Bond as 007 Producers Confused Between Henry Cavill and Aaron-Taylor Johnson

"He has a license to kill": Tom Hanks Picks His Next James Bond as 007 Producers Confused Between Henry Cavill and Aaron-Taylor Johnson
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Daniel Craig, who played the iconic British spy in the five most recent films, has retired from the role. Over the years, several names have been thrown around as potential candidates, including Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Richard Madden, Henry Cavill, and James Norton.

James Bond over the years
James Bond over the years

The next James Bond will have big shoes to fill, as Craig’s portrayal of the character was widely acclaimed. Fans have high expectations for the franchise, and the next actor to take on the role will need to bring their own unique take on the character while staying true to the essence of James Bond. Only time will tell who will ultimately be chosen to fill this iconic role.

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Who Is Tom Hanks’ Favorite To Play James Bond 

In an interview with BBC News, Tom Hanks expressed his support for Idris Elba to take on the role of James Bond, stating that he would personally grant the actor a license to kill based on his impressive body of work. Hanks emphasized the importance of the character’s ability to carry out deadly missions, and he believes Elba has demonstrated the necessary range and skill to embody the iconic British spy.

“Understand this, James Bond has a licence to kill. I would issue that licence to Idris Elba just based on the work that I’ve seen him do,” Hanks told BBC News.

Idris Elba Claims Luther Can Become Modern Day James Bond, Replace $10B Franchise: “Equally engaging, equally s*xy and great to see visually”
Idris Elba and Daniel Craig

Idris Elba is known for his powerful performances in both television and film. While he is famous for his dramatic roles, he has also shown his talents in various action roles. Elba played the villainous Krall in the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond, a role that allowed him to show off his physical prowess and impressive fighting skills. He also played the heroic Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a character known for his expert swordsmanship and protective abilities.

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Who Will Be The Next James Bond

Last month, speculation arose that Taylor-Johnson had auditioned for the highly coveted role of James Bond, potentially taking it from Cavill. However, it remains to be seen who will ultimately land the part. Currently, Taylor-Johnson and Cavill share the same odds, with bookmakers giving them each a 5/2 chance of securing the role.

$10.1B James Bond Franchise Reportedly Ditching Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Henry Cavill Still in Race for License to Kill
Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill are frontrunners for James Bond’s role

Franchise producer Michael G. Wilson had previously stated that the next James Bond would be portrayed by an actor in their 30s, following the age range of Craig during his debut as 007 in Casino Royale (2006). However, when Craig was initially cast in the role, fans and the press did not receive it well. Wilson and co-producer Barbara Broccoli have also announced that the selection process for the next Bond will begin sometime this year. It will be interesting to see Idris Alba in the scheme of things.

The last installment in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 


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