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‘He Has Incredible Charisma, Intelligence, Confidence, Wit’: Persuasion Director Calls Rumoured Wonder Man Actor Henry Golding an Acting Ace in the Hole


Actor Henry Golding of Crazy Rich Asians fame is in the news again for his film Persuasion, which was released a few days ago on Netflix. He was earlier rumored to be starring as Wonder Man in a TV series that is yet to be confirmed.

In a recent interview, the director of Persuation heaped praises on Golding. We take a close look at what the director said about the talented actor.

director of Persuasion heaped praises on Henry Golding
Henry Golding

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Persuasion Director Carrie Cracknell Praises Henry Golding

director of Persuasion heaped praises on Henry Golding
Henry Golding in Persuasion

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As aforementioned, the director of Persuasion recently gave an interview to Town and Country where he praised actor Henry Golding. Golding plays the role of “Mr. William Elliot” in the film. Director Carrie Cracknell said:

“It just seemed to me that Henry had this incredible combination of charisma, intelligence, confidence, and wit, which felt like such a fresh thing for a Jane Austen story,”. “I had this brilliant conversation with him, and he was excited about the possibility of playing Mr. Elliot.

She continued:

“He described the character as a ‘Regency f—boy,’ which I completely loved. There was also something about Henry’s confidence and the sharpness of his wit that felt like he could make Mr. Elliot a real contender,”

he has incredible charisma intelligence confidence wit persuasion director calls rumoured wonder man actor henry golding an acting ace in the hole2 1

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Needless to say, this praise augers well for the Malaysian-born actor who is also rumored to play the role of Wonder Man in an unconfirmed TV series.

Wonder Man TV Series Might Be Happening

Last month, THR reported that a Wonder Man TV series was in the works. Actor Henry Golding was the fan-favorite star who was rumored to be playing the part of the superhero in the show. While the actor’s role in the show as Wonder Man is still not confirmed, he surely is the right actor to play the part. Fans would love to see Henry Golding as the Wonder Man!

Persuasion is now streaming on Netflix.

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