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“He has the right to put his new universe”: David Ayer Seemingly Confirms James Gunn Has Agreed to Release His Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Despite Killing Zack Snyder’s Dream With Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck

“He has the right to put his new universe”: David Ayer Seemingly Confirms James Gunn Has Agreed to Release His Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Despite Killing Zack Snyder’s Dream With Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck

James Gunn and Peter Safran are a force to reckon with, they were met with unconditional hate and criticism by DC fans. The duo managed to turn the doubts to support and patience especially after they released their plan for DCU’s chapter 1.

Gunn and Safran continue to be secretive about future projects and the direction DCU will be taking. However, it is said that the co-CEOs have choked out a ten-year plan for the DCU and are tirelessly working towards it. The future they envisioned for DCU is slowly emerging through the movies and stories they want to tell and fans have hope.

James Gunn said yes to Ayer Cut after declining Snyder Cut

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director David Ayer in Suicide Squad

David Ayer tweeted on March 2nd, 2023, confirming that Gunn has green-lit Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad. This news comes with the realization that Gunn chose to let Ayer finish his universe and shunned Snyder.

When Gunn and Safran were newly appointed co-CEOs, the former took to Twitter after a long week to address fans. He wrote,

“Opened up Twitter at the end of a long, creative weekend to see the many tweets to #SaveLegendsofTomorrow and #ReleaseTheAyerCut and fan support for other DC projects over the years. The majority of these requests were enthusiastic and respectful. As the new (and first ever) CEOs of DC Studios, Peter and I think it’s important we acknowledge you, the fans, and let you know we hear your different desires for the pathways forward for DC.”

Along with this, James Gunn also acknowledged that he might not be able to frequently interact on Twitter given his current position and the workload, but they are all trying to ensure fans are heard.

“Although our ability to interact on Twitter has been lessened due to the workload of our new positions, we are listening and open to everything as we embark on this journey and will continue to do so for the next few years.” 

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James Gunn at the preimere of The Suicide Squad (2021).
James Gunn at the premiere of The Suicide Squad (2021).

Gunn acknowledged a decrease and offered a hypothesis as to why movies keep getting worse, as many fans have grown weary of the DCU and comic book movies in general. It remains to be seen how soon and how much the new leaders will be able to increase the DCU’s popularity.

James Gunn spoke about  Synerverse and its lack of vision

James Gunn
James Gunn

During the announcement of the First Chapter of DCU, Gunn and Safran indulged in a press event held by Warner Bros. The CEO of DCU was candid about his problems with the previous leadership and the condition of the DC universe.

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Gunn discussed the complicated history of the DCEU and other DC films that came before DC Studios during the introduction. He spoke candidly about the challenging journey the DC brand has taken. Gunn said

“I wanted to take care of these characters. We all know it’s been a f-cked up road for many of them, for the past few years […] and I really thought it is a challenge, but I think it’s a possibility to create something really wonderful with these characters. […] The history has been sh-t! It’s been a real f-cked up journey for DC.”

Gunn continues,

“I think that there was basically no one minding the mint and they were giving out IP to any creative that smiled at whoever was in charge. There was never any real power given to the people in charge and so somebody could always go over their head and do whatever they wanted. We had the DCEU, which then became the Joss Whedon Justice League but it also became the Snyderverse, which became this.”

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These statements make it abundantly clear that Snyderverse is not in the good books of James Gunn. DC has been in need of a new beginning and solid foundation for years. The future of Warner Bros. Discovery will be determined by the several DCU films and television programs currently in development.

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