“He immediately broke character and walked off…”: Tom Cruise Debunked a Sinister Rumor With a Heartfelt Action That Left Steven Spielberg Baffled for Good Reason

Steven Spielberg recalled Tom Cruise juggling between his dad duties and acting on Minority Report set

“He immediately broke character and walked off…”: Tom Cruise Debunked a Sinister Rumor With a Heartfelt Action That Left Steven Spielberg Baffled for Good Reason


  • Tom Cruise impressed Steven Spielberg with his double duty on set as a dad and an actor.
  • He would walk off from major scenes to attend calls from his children.
  • Steven Spielberg revealed Cruise was always there for his children despite how small their problem was.
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Tom Cruise is a father of three from his marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Cruise and Kidman adopted Isabella in 1992 and Connor in 1995 after struggling to conceive a child. His biological child with Holmes, Suri, was born in 2006. While filming Minority Report, Steven Spielberg recalled that Cruise would leave in between scenes to attend calls from his children.

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible
Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

His A-list status led many to speculate that the Mission: Impossible actor had little time to spend with his children. However, Spielberg’s revelation suggests otherwise. Sadly, he hasn’t had much interaction with Suri since his divorce from Holmes in 2012.

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Steven Spielberg’s Revelation Debunks A Sinister Rumor About Tom Cruise

Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise on a film set
Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise on a film set

Tom Cruise was one of the busiest stars in the early 2000s, as he is today. Many speculated that he would be mostly absent from the lives of his children. However, Steven Spielberg revealed how Cruise handled the double duty of dad and actor on the sets of Minority Report. The director recalled that the phone rang at times during the filming of a scene. If it was his kids on the other side, Cruise would stop the production to attend the call.

Spielberg shared that the same thing happened during the filming of one of the most important scenes of the film. For any other phone calls, Cruise would’ve been unhappy to break his method acting. But since it was his children, he broke character and walked off to deal with their problems, however small they may be. The Jaws director told People:

“There were times that I was about ready to say ‘Action’, and the phone rang. If it was Tom’s kids, everything stopped for that. Just when he was preparing for probably the hardest scene he has in the whole movie, the phone rang. Anybody else would have looked up with anger in their eyes, but he immediately broke character and walked off and took the call. Connor or Isabella had stuck an eraser in their eye or something like that. It was not serious, but Dad came to the rescue.”

The Indiana Jones director revealed that he himself would’ve only taken the call after the shot, and it shows how great a dad Cruise is. Interestingly, in 2012, Cruise filed a lawsuit against Bauer Media for publishing defaming articles about him. According to TMZ, In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly, owned by Bauer, had published cover photos of his daughter Suri with the title “Abandoned by Daddy”.


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Tom Cruise Reportedly Has No Part In Suri Cruise’s Life

Tom Cruise has no part in Suri Cruise's life
Tom Cruise has no part in Suri Cruise’s life

During the lawsuit against Bauer, Cruise admitted that he hadn’t seen his daughter for three months after his divorce from Katie Holmes. Earlier this year, a source reported to Page Six that the Jack Reacher actor continues to be estranged from Suri even after a decade. Cruise himself admitted that Holmes filed for divorce “in part to protect Suri from Scientology” (via Huffington Post).

Despite having visitation rights, Cruise doesn’t always spend time with Suri. Some sources attribute this to the fact that practicing members of his organization are not allowed to associate with non-believers. Interestingly, Cruise’s other children embrace the Church of Scientology.


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His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, told Who magazine that her children “have made choices to be Scientologists” and it’s her job as a mother to love them.


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