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“He is so concerned about what everybody will say”: Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Turning His Back Against Logan Paul and Joe Rogan Does Not Sit Well With His Fans

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Black Adam star, Dwayne Johnson, is being increasingly pushed into the spotlight following the recent outburst of Joe Rogan when the latter calls out The Rock during an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Even though recent times have been a testimony to the DC actor’s willingness to endure even under building pressure and surmounting criticism, the stormclouds have not completely passed by, and it looks like more podcast hosts are coming forward with their own interpretation of why there has suddenly been an influx of public animosity toward Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson Criticized For Being a People Pleaser

If there was ever a thing that a public personality has never been accused of, it was about being too much of a people pleaser. Dwayne Johnson‘s presence which has become a somewhat ubiquitous sight ever since the season of promotion began for DC’s October 2022 film, Black Adam, didn’t end well for all parties involved.

Mostly, however, the mounting scrutiny that the former professional wrestler faced has been due to the fact that the adequately well-executed film with the potential to do good couldn’t fly among its fanbase for his promotional strategies that focused too much on the return of Henry Cavill rather than marketing the scope of the film’s plot and the JSA.

Dwayne Johnson at Black Adam event
Dwayne Johnson at a Black Adam event

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Now, however, the open-ended line of communication that has levied the public’s simmering gaze at The Rock has allowed several unhappy contenders to shoot their shot at the A-list actor while the iron is still hot.

The Rock Gets Called Out For Turning His Back on Friends

On the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David elaborated on how The Rock’s actions in the recent past have caused some people to dislike his public approach. The podcast host claims:

“Here’s another thing that people don’t like about what The Rock’s done a couple times. I support the stuff that he does, I buy his shoes, I have his shirt, I’ve watched Black Adam…  But, you know, it’s a feeling I got talking to our guest yesterday is that [The Rock] is so concerned about what everybody in their world will say…”

The Rock lands in hot water after questions about his physique
The Rock lands in hot water after questions about his physique

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The comment on the podcast host’s part is aimed at the aftermath of the recent criticism that Rogan had made about Dwayne Johnson being on steroids — “Don’t act like you are naturally that big” — and the public debate that has occupied the online space ever since regarding how much water Rogan’s claim holds.

While one faction clearly seems intent on believing the allegations considering how The Rock has avoided addressing or commenting on the issue, others have easily lent their voice to supporting Johnson and his decades-long achievement and hard-earned reputation.

Black Adam is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: PBD Podcast

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