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“He is so distracted”: Deadpool 3 Director Concerned About Ryan Reynolds’ New Obsession Ahead of His Collaboration With Hugh Jackman

"He is so distracted": Deadpool 3 Director Concerned About Ryan Reynolds' New Obsession Ahead of His Collaboration With Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds is all set to reprise his iconic Deadpool role in the third movie of the franchise next year. And with him is Hugh Jackman, returning as Wolverine. However, sources report that there might be even more surprises waiting for fans on the big screens as the movie begins filming in the UK soon.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Basically, it seems that in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, he is once again ready to merge different aspects of his life in Deadpool 3. And for that, he is setting out to introduce none other than his new obsession, aka, Wrexham AFC to the masses, even to the contrition of his movie director.

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Ryan Reynolds to bring Wrexham AFC to the big screens

According to insider reports, Ryan Reynolds is dead set on bringing Wrexham AFC to Hollywood. As a matter of fact, he was even seen donning a Wrexham AFC ballcap in a trailer to promote the movie.

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Well, after Wrexham made their way back into the Football League promotion after 15 years and earned their spot in League Two next year, it is to be expected that the Hollywood star would reward his top scorers in some way. That is, something even grander than the luxurious Las Vegas trip the whole team is on currently, thanks to Reynolds’ generous pockets.

Ryan Reynolds on the field at Wrexham's game
Ryan Reynolds on the field at Wrexham’s game

As such, Paul Mullin and Ben Foster’s appearance in the movie with their favorite stars is not exactly shocking. In fact, as the team’s executive director Humphrey Ker put it, “I would be quite surprised if not.”

Mullin and Foster as well seem extremely excited about this turn of events, with the 40-year-old, former Manchester United goalie even gushing,


“He’s even said that he’ll put me in the new one with him and Big Hugh Jacko, friggin’ Wolverine.”

Ryan Reynolds with Ben Foster
Ryan Reynolds with Ben Foster

Evidently, the team is still riding quite a high from their historical win last month. It also makes sense from a business point of view, with Reynolds getting to promote both sides of his career at once and reaching a wider range of audience for both at the same time. Unfortunately, Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy doesn’t seem to think so.

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Shawn Levy is concerned about Ryan Reynolds’ obsession

Shawn Levy, who has taken up the helm of Deadpool 3, does not seem to be like-minded with Ryan Reynolds when it comes to his “obsession” with Wrexham AFC, as it seems. As he quipped to BBC in an interview,

“His obsession with Wrexham and by the way the obsession of all of Wales with Ryan Reynolds is becoming problematic. I’m trying to get us ready to shoot Deadpool, and he’s so distracted by this football team.”

Ryan Reynolds with Shawn Levy
Ryan Reynolds with Shawn Levy

Although he said it in good humor, it should be mentioned that Levy has prior experience working with Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project and Free Guy. So his concerns might very well stem from something substantial.

However, only time will tell if The Proposal star manages to balance both sides of his career properly or if one brings the downfall of another, as so many predicted when he purchased the Red Dragons. 

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His growing love and passion for football are not surprising, though, given the overwhelming reception he and co-owner Rob McElhenney received from the town and the club’s fans everywhere.

As Reynolds himself noted to BBC in a previous interview,

“The fans here have been incredible, and we’re just getting started. We’re looking forward to putting Wrexham on the map.”

Well, rest assured, with everything Ryan Reynolds is doing to promote his club and the town, it is sure to become a well-known name worldwide very soon.


Deadpool 3 is expected to arrive at the theaters on November 8th, 2024.

Source: The Sun

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