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“He knows anything he says can bite him in the b-tt”: Tom Cruise’s Paranoia Makes Him Avoid Hollywood Stars After Being Betrayed by Close Friends That Nearly Tanked His Career

“He knows anything he says can bite him in the b-tt”: Tom Cruise’s Paranoia Makes Him Avoid Hollywood Stars After Being Betrayed by Close Friends That Nearly Tanked His Career

Over the course of three decades and dozens of box office hits, Tom Cruise has established himself as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He’s risen to fame thanks to his charisma and acting chops, making him a household name. However, he has become increasingly reclusive in recent years due to the paranoia that lies beneath his megawatt smile.

After being nearly destroyed in his career by the betrayal of close friends, Cruise is wary of trusting anyone outside his inner circle.

Tom Cruise Plagued by Betrayal and Paranoia

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The scandals that shook Tom Cruise’s public image in the mid-2000s likely contributed to his paranoia. In particular, he received much criticism after jumping on the couch on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005, and his subsequent public feuds with other famous people didn’t help his image at all.

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It was a rude awakening for the actor, who knows his career is vulnerable to anything he does or says. Because of this, Cruise is extremely secretive about his private life and is known to be protective of his privacy.

He lives in a Bel-Air mansion and spends time at a Scientology compound in the desert, often piloting his own helicopter to avoid the prying eyes of the media and the paparazzi.

Keeping His Distance from Hollywood Stars

Due to his paranoia, Cruise has grown increasingly isolated from his fellow Hollywood peers. While he can still win over moviegoers, he would much rather be with his fellow members of the Church of Scientology. Because of this, some people believe Cruise is cutting himself off from the rest of the entertainment business and his fans.

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2
Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2

According to a source, the actor “swoops in to chat and then leaves in a flash.”

“Tom knows anything he says can bite him in the butt, but he also likes the mystery of being inaccessible. In social situations, he swoops in to chat and then leaves in a flash.”

Those in the know say Cruise’s skepticism is warranted. Friends and confidants have betrayed him in the past, almost destroying his career. This has made him wary of interacting with new people, especially those outside of his immediate circle.

Can Tom Cruise’s Paranoia Affect His Career?

Cruise’s paranoia may hinder his ability to form relationships with the public and his fellow celebrities. Even though he is still one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, his reluctance to trust others may hurt his reputation and hamper his career.

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Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

His recent disappearance from the spotlight has been noted by both his supporters and his detractors, with the latter group speculating that he may no longer be as influential as he once was. Top Gun: Maverick, however, was a critical and commercial success for Cruise and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Despite his recent isolation, his acting and producing skills will come into the spotlight again with his upcoming Mission: Impossible movie, which will release later this year.

Source: Radar Online

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