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‘He looks he only speaks in Decepticon audio files’: Fans Troll Ezra Miller’s Third ‘The Flash’ Variant’s Bizarre Unoriginal Design

‘He looks he only speaks in Decepticon audio files’: Fans Troll Ezra Miller’s Third ‘The Flash’ Variant’s Bizarre Unoriginal Design

With DC’s resurrected universe coming to terms with the new world order, there are just a few corkscrews left to be fitted into place before the new era can begin. One of those happens to be Ezra Miller’s The Flash. Taking inspiration from the Flashpoint narrative, the DC film is a sure-fire road to success, and even controversies of the highest order have not been able to diminish the brilliance of the movie’s plot.

With one of the greatest comic arcs yet to be foretold on the big screen, every inch of the fandom has been lying in wait for the tiniest twitch from the franchise so as to gather more information about the highly anticipated story. After all this time, it now seems like the fandom has found a reason to engage with DC, although it may not be what the people were expecting.

Ezra Miller in The Flash
Ezra Miller in The Flash (2023)

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The Flash Gives the Fans a Subject of Ridicule

The reign of the Multiverse is upon us. The CBM franchises of this era have been plagued by the concept of multiple realities happening all at once and it has seeped into the genre of modern cinema as well (re: the multiple Oscar-winning film Everything Everywhere All At Once). And the idea of parallel worlds, separate timelines, all moving in a perfect concord has a tinge of fascination attached at the core of it.

The Flash initiates the Flashpoint arc
The Flash initiates the Flashpoint arc

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In accordance with that fascination, DC has adopted a take that separates itself from the rest of its rising competition. Under the helm of one banner – the DC Studios – all five of its components: film, television, animation, comics, and gaming, are regulated by the overseeing eyes of its CEO and Chairman, James Gunn and Peter Safran. And in the latest of their pursuits, it seems as though the Dark Flash, in the run-up to The Flash‘s premiere, has found himself another career besides being the Flash’s third variant: it is now the subject of mass trolling.

DC Surprises Fans With a Disappointing Dark Flash Design

Dark Flash design
Dark Flash

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DC has just released a Dark Flash variant design and it is upsetting fans all around the globe. The design arrives only a couple of months before Ezra Miller is set to make his debut in the solo superhero film directed by Andrés Muschietti. This makes the matter all the more troubling as the product is specifically been tailored to increase hype, promotion, and marketing surrounding the sinister variant in the upcoming DC film. Fans, however, are anything but hyped about it.

The Flash witnesses Ezra Miller’s titular superhero facing off against a tragedy of his own making when he travels back in time to change the past. Forces from the past rise up again but this time, the heroes who come back are no longer the faces that Miller’s hero recognizes from his reality. Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle star as Batman and Supergirl in this new world as Flash prepares to set things right by giving up the one thing he loves and wants the most: his family. Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne is set to make a cameo, as is Michael Shannon’s General Zod.

The Flash premieres on 16 June 2023.

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