“He looks like he’s dead!”: Fans Erupted in Fury After Brad Pitt’s Hideous Photoshoot Made Him Look Like a Sad Imitation of Harry Styles

Fans Erupted in Fury After Brad Pitt’s Hideous Photoshoot Made Him Look Like a Sad Imitation of Harry Styles
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Brad Pitt’s 2022 photoshoot took the internet by storm, just not in the way you would imagine. Celebrities have often been photographed for profiles, magazine spreads, interviews, or other occasions. It’s a part-and-parcel of the famed lifestyle. The Oscar-winning actor himself has participated in a ton. This one instance, though, was enough to drive fans insane. People didn’t take too kindly to the photos that seemed to be emulating a David Bowie-esque aesthetic.

This Brad Pitt photoshoot was hated by fans!
Fans hated this Brad Pitt photoshoot!

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A few users clamored for the actor to sue the magazine responsible for the photoshoot. Many said Pitt looked lifeless. Some alleged that he appeared to be a disastrous replica of Harry Styles. The netizens were particular in their criticism and devised creative ways to nitpick. We can only wonder how much of this constituted constructive feedback.


The Brad Pitt Photoshoot Nearly Everyone Despised

Brad Pitt for the August 2022 issue of GQ, photographed by Elizaveta Porodina
Brad Pitt for the August 2022 issue of GQ, photographed by Elizaveta Porodina.

The Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood star took center stage in the August 2022 issue of GQ. While some objected to the visual concept and general design, others had a bone to pick with the cover image of the magazine issue. Many argued that these photographs, although crafted with creative hindsight, did not reflect Brad Pitt‘s public persona. Fans were perplexed, wondering how the monthly men’s magazine succeeded in rendering one of Hollywood’s most handsome guys dull, lifeless, and unappealing.

Take a look at the cover photo, which everyone expressed dissatisfaction over.


Someone compared Brad Pitt’s composition in the image to an open casket, which most users deemed an appropriate analogy. Others, seeking a more logical interpretation, thought it was a tribute to Sir John Everett Millais’ painting of Ophelia, a character from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Names like Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta were also thrown into the mix. Perhaps the most brutal comment made was the following:

“[It] looks like he was approached by Vecna and forgot the title of his favorite song.”

Other interpretations stated that he was emulating either David Bowie or Harry Styles. Some of the shots, in particular, were reminiscent of a photoshoot involving the latter.

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Bard Pitt’s Photoshoot Appeared To Be An Imitation Of Harry Styles

Is Brad Pitt's photoshoot reminiscent of this Harry Styles one?
Is Brad Pitt’s photoshoot reminiscent of this Harry Styles one?

Most comments directed at the Mr. & Mrs. Smith alum’s severely panned photoshoot declared it a lackluster imitation of Harry Styles. If we were to look at the singer-songwriter’s photographs for Better Homes & Gardens, courtesy of fashion photographer Tim Walker, we could draw a few similarities. Furthermore, Styles appeared to be better suited to his photoshoot than Pitt, who, according to the internet, didn’t fit the theme.

Of course, preferences and tastes are subjective. However, the internet’s complaints over the GQ pictures felt extensively reiterated. The talented actor became Twitter’s laughingstock!

Following are some of the tweets directed at the photoshoot that highlight this point:




It’s a shame that the concept was slammed. In principle, it should look acceptable and fascinating. The theme felt reminiscent of a retrofuturistic color palette. The only reason it may have come off as unappealing might be that it didn’t fit the individual in question. A different aesthetic might have yielded better results. Despite the widespread sentiment, a few individuals appreciated the photoshoot, labeling it “experimental but cool.” 

Well, people can agree to disagree. To each their own!

Source: GQ and Better Homes & Gardens


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