“He needs an ego death”: Jake Paul Leaves Logan Paul Alone While His Fiancée Gets Constantly Attacked With Dillon Danis’ Vile Jabs

"He needs an ego death": Jake Paul Leaves Logan Paul Alone While His Fiancée Gets Constantly Attacked With Dillon Danis' Vile Jabs
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In the history of sports and entertainment, there have been many famous siblings who have stood head to head gaining recognition and fame along with sparking many healthy and controversial rivalries. Jake Paul and Logan Paul are two brothers who have been in the limelight as much for their skills in the boxing and wrestling arena as for their feuds outside it.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul
Brothers and athletes Jake Paul and Logan Paul

Despite their distinct career trajectories within the boxing and WWE realms along with their individual successes, the brothers are now seen to be sparring with each other as was evident in Jake Paul’s appearance in Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive. Now, in another controversial interview, the younger of the Paul brothers has openly antagonized his sibling with a harsh reality check.

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Jack Paul’s Caustic Words For His Brother Logan Paul

It seems that the brothers and boxers Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s relationship is at tenterhooks. The origins of the feud began with Logan Paul’s controversial statement that he offered opponents on an easy platter to his sibling which allowed him to win convincingly. This led to a very public spat where both brothers hurled criticisms at each other that resulted in the souring of their relationship. Now Jake Paul, in an interview, minced no words about what he felt was required for them to reconcile.

He needs an ego death. Too many sociopathic tendencies” 

Jake Paul
Boxing star and social media personality Jake Paul

The boxer and social media personality’s comment on his sibling comes at a time when competitor and rival boxer Dillon Danis took brutal jibes at Logan Paul’s fiancee while also targeting Jake Paul. The brothers though, have not defended each other from Danis’s words owing to their own personal rift.

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Is Logan Paul Jealous Of His Brother Jake Paul’s Success?

While sibling rivalry can lead to healthy competition, this isn’t always the case in every family. From what has transpired so far between brothers and boxers Jake Paul and Logan Paul, it looks like ego clashes and jealousy may have played a big part in the rift between the siblings. WWE star Logan Paul though, confirmed that this was not the case as far as he was concerned. Elaborating on the reasons for his strange demeanor at ringside after his brother’s viral win over Nate Diaz that caused a lot of speculation, the YouTuber said,

“Let me say something. You all always take me out of context. Guess what I did that night that I went to Jake’s fight. I wrestled in front of 50,000 f**king people. I was exhausted. I was in pain. I drove a plane for three hours across the country to make my brother’s fight. By the time I’m there, I’ve had a day, I’m exhausted.”

Jake Paul
Jake Paul took down Nate Diaz in a famous win

While Logan Paul’s statement highlighted the misconceptions that are formed through social media, it remains to be seen if both brothers put their current misunderstandings aside and work towards a reconciliation in the future.

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