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“He Picked Me Up, Now I’m Naked on His Shoulder”: Shia LaBeouf “Knocked Out” Tom Hardy during a Real Fight, What Really Happened between the “Lawless’ Co-stars

shia labeof, tom hardy

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy’s days during the filming of John Hillcoat’s 2012 crime drama Lawless were nothing but controversial. Back in the day, fans went by the word of the movie’s director, who confirmed that the two stars were truly lawless on his set. If one goes by Hillcoat’s words, it escalated to a point where LaBeouf and Hardy had to be restrained.

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf co-starred with Tom Hardy in Lawless

The Fury actor was hit by controversy after Hardy went around telling people that he knocked him out. In 2019, LaBeouf came forward and shared the hilarious story behind this baseless rumor. The Fury actor revealed that the Hardy knockout story was a bunch of b-lls-it, and that the two were known for having playful fistfights.

Shia LaBeouf Dismissed Tom Hardy Knockout Story

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy weren’t lawless on the set of the 2012 Prohibition-era crime drama Lawless. Despite the movie director’s claims, everyone’s Google Alert in 2019 left them a little joyous gift. And, it had to do with the Hardy knockout story.

In 2019, the Transformers actor made an appearance on Hot Ones with Sean Evans and did not just share chicken wings. The actor cleared the air surrounding the rumors that he punched and knocked Hardy out. He mentioned:

“Yeah, it’s a bunch of bullshit. We used to wrestle all the time and [Tom Hardy’s] a big fucking person, especially then. He was getting ready [to play] Bane.

For the rest of shoot, he told everybody I knocked him out,” he said, “but that wasn’t the case, we were havin’ some kind of weird, like, cutie wrestlin’ match.”

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shia labeouf tom hardy

LaBeouf revealed that it was Hardy who had spread these rumors, and even though a fistfight did take place it wasn’t out of hatred, but because the Mad Max: Fury Road star was preparing for Bane’s role in Dark Knight Rises.

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Tom Hardy And Shia LaBeouf’s Rough Friendship Ignited Rumors

While fans continued to think there was a real fight, LaBeouf and Hardy were too busy “f-c-king with each other,” as if the two were bunk mates from a military school. Now and then, Hardy would barge into his co-star and start rough-housing. In 2019, LaBeouf cleared:

“We used to fuck with each other all the time but it just so happened that, this one week, my girlfriend was in town and he runs into the room. The girl I was with at the time was terrified.”

She covered up and she ran into the kitchen and he picked me up and I didn’t have anything on so now I’m naked on his shoulder. We’re in the hallway, we’re wrestling around.”

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy
Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy were always rough with each other

One time, their playful fight dd lead up to an accident when Hardy stepped too far and fell down “several flights”. This was when the Peaky Blinders star went around, telling people that his co-star knocked him out. The two have always been respectful of each other in front of the media, and have continued to compliment each other on their careers.

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