“He punched Jack in the shoulder”: Jack Nicholson Got Hit by Tom Cruise for His On-Set Theatrics Despite His $5000000 Salary for 10 Days of Filming

Jack Nicholson Got Hit by Tom Cruise for His On-Set Theatrics Despite His $5000000 Salary for 10 Days of Filming

Jack Nicholson is one of the most reputed and hardworking actors who has collaborated with several highly acclaimed directors on their blockbuster projects. The legendary star has starred in many influential, mind-bending, thrilling blockbuster films, many of which have achieved iconic status, and has worked with enough A-list talents in showbiz, including Tom Cruise, with whom he teamed up in the 1992 American legal drama film A Few Good Men. 

In this commercially successful film, Nicholson played the role of Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, while Cruise depicted the character of Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee. In a previous interview, their co-star Kevin Pollak once revealed an intriguing on-the-set anecdote. He shared that while filming the courtroom sequence, the 86-year-old star got hit by the Top Gun star for his on-set antics.

Tom Cruise Punched His Co-star Jack Nicholson While Filming a Scene of Their Movie A Few Good Men

Kevin Pollak and Tom Cruise
Kevin Pollak and Tom Cruise

Jack Nicholson is one of the most celebrated and successful actors whose rich filmography contains movies of almost all genres. The actor has delivered many memorable, inescapable performances and portrayed challenging, audacious, and complex roles, which allowed him to showcase his versatility as an artist. 

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In 1992, the actor starred in Rob Reiner-directed film A Few Good Men, playing the character of Colonel Nathan R. Jessup. His powerful depiction earned him critical acclaim, and as per reports, the actor received a whopping salary of $5 million for ten days of filming. His co-star Kevin Pollak once revealed an intriguing on-set tale about Nicholson and Tom Cruise. 

In a candid interview with The Sun, Pollak, who played the role of Lieutenant Sam Weinberg, shared that while they were filming the courtroom scene, The Shining movie star tried to distract Cruise with his on-set antics, noting, after they finished filming that scene, the Top Gun Star punched the 86-year-old star. He told The Sun,

“Jack can be silly and goofy. One of the most memorable moments was when Jack was on the stand and he’s saying to Tom, ‘You want answers?’ And Tom is saying, ‘I want the truth!'”

Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise
Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise

The Hostage star continued,


“Well, when the camera is on Tom, Jack screws up his face and waggles his tongue. He was totally f***king with him, and Tom stayed in character for the whole take. And as ‘Cut!’ was yelled, Tom punched Jack in the shoulder, and everybody laughed. It was unbelievable. Everyone was f***ing off every day, all day.”

Kevin Pollak shared that Jack Nicholson tried to distract their co-star Tom Cruise with his antics, but Cruise stayed in his character during the whole take. 

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A Brief Note on Rob Reiner’s Blockbuster Film A Few Good Men

A still from A Few Good Men
A still from A Few Good Men

Rob Reiner’s 1992 American legal drama directorial A Few Good Men has an intriguing plot, believable characters, and themes. His exquisite cinematography and the exceptional performance given by the entire film cast helped elevate the movie to great heights. 

This Oscar-nominated project boasts a stellar cast ensemble featuring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Pollak, J. T. Walsh, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Kiefer Sutherland. Reiner-directed flick grossed over $243 million at the global box office and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience and critics alike.

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A Few Good Men is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: The Sun

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