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“He really delivered”: Not Iñaki Godoy, One Piece’s Younger Luffy was Such an Impactful Actor that the Showrunner was Surprised to See Him Cry

One Piece showrunner, Marc Jobst, explained how Colton Osorio delivered the role of young Monkey D. Luffy inch-perfectly.

"He really delivered": Not Iñaki Godoy, One Piece's Younger Luffy was Such an Impactful Actor that the Showrunner was Surprised to See Him Cry


  • One Piece showrunner, Marc Jobst, is busy with giving so many interviews after it became a superhit series.
  • During one interview, Marc Jobst was full of praise for the young Monkey D. Luffy actor, Colton Osorio.
  • One Piece Live Action has been renewed for a second season because of its massive popularity worldwide. It is hinted that Tony Tony Chopper will also make his live action debut in the upcoming season.

One Piece Live Action has proven to be one of the biggest shows on Netflix in 2023. The performance given by the whole cast was phenomenal. Colton Osorio, who plays young Monkey D. Luffy, blew everyone’s mind with his performance. With Eiichiro Oda in the development and production teams, there was hardly any room for error.

One Piece Live Action has broken the shackles of the anime live adaptation curse and set a path for the other upcoming live actions to follow. Everyone from the team was busy giving interviews since the show was great. In one of the interviews, One Piece showrunner Marc Jobst praised the young Luffy actor for his performance.

Marc Jobst Was Full of Praise For Colton Osorio

Marc Jobst
Marc Jobst

Marc Jobst was busy before the release of One Piece Live Action. After the show became superhit, he became more engaged with giving interviews everywhere. After the show’s release, one of his interviews was with Cinema Daily US. He was asked how they constructed the relationship between Shanks and Luffy. His answer shocked the interviewer since he constantly praised Colton Osorio instead of Peter Gadiot, who plays Shanks and is a more veteran actor.

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Marc Jobst told Cinema Daily US,

“We know Luffy cares about Shanks, we know Shanks cares about Luffy. Shanks goes after the monster and saves him. So all those scenes that lead up to that moment deliver the importance of what is going on in his head. It was a joy to work with Colton [Osorio] (he played the young Luffy) who worked so hard. I never ever directed someone who produced such a great result. If we could get tears, it would have been phenomenal. I never asked him to cry in this scene but he knew what the scene needed. For such a young actor, he really delivered in front of the whole crew.”

Colton Osorio
Colton Osorio

Even the viewers agreed with Marc Jobst. Monkey D. Luffy always had an emotional connection with Shanks. So when Shanks lost an arm while saving him, Luffy was profoundly hurt and could not hold back his emotion. Colton Osorio beautifully portrayed every aspect of young Luffy. He rightfully deserves the praise from the showrunner.

Marc Jobst On One Piece Live Action

Marc Jobst always had high hopes for One Piece Live Action. He is seen to praise every single person on the set. He praised how good Iñaki Godoy looked as Monkey D. Luffy on the first day, Emily Rudd’s performance, to Mackenyu’s harsh training with three swords. Marc Jobst believes that they succeeded because they all gave their best. Even Colton Osorio, in his early teenage years, gave his best with whatever screen time he got.

Monkey. D Luffy and Shanks - One Piece Live Action
Monkey. D Luffy (Colton Osorio) and Shanks (Peter Gadiot)

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On the first day, Netflix’s One Piece Live Action began streaming on August 31, 2023 and was streamed in 84 countries. After its release, it was even ranked on top for the first few days on Netflix’s Top Ten Series. With millions of people watching the show, it has garnered over 150 million watch hours.

One Piece Live Action on Netflix
One Piece Live Action

Netflix has confirmed that One Piece Live Action will return with a second season. It is hinted that Tony Tony Chopper will join the Strawhats in the next season. One Piece season one can be streamed on Netflix.

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