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“He really manifested that part”: The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Was Spooked After Finding Out Tom Holland Was Cast as Spider-Man in MCU

The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Was Spooked After Finding Out Tom Holland Was Cast as Spider-Man in MCU

Manifestation works and Tom Holland being cast as Spider-Man is solid proof of that.

While Batman and Spider-Man haven’t shared the screen yet, the actors playing the respective roles  have. James Gray’s The Lost City of Z saw Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland join forces in a thrilling adventure to unearth a mysterious city that reposed in the heart of Amazon. But when they were filming the movie, the English actor hadn’t been cast as Peter Parker at that time, and yet, the Twilight star came across the former meandering around in a Spider-Man suit.

Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson
Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson

Seeing him casually walk around in a superhero costume on the set of an adventure film, Pattinson was naturally surprised, to say the least. But he also remarked how he felt that to be a peculiar act of dedication toward the role of the superhero which he later ended up bagging.

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Robert Pattinson Believed Tom Holland “Manifested” Spider-Man’s Role

Earlier this year, when Robert Pattinson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he recalled how he’d worked with Tom Holland “years ago” when they were shooting The Lost City of Z. And even though the latter hadn’t started to depict Spider-Man yet, Pattinson remarked how he’d still seen the Uncharted actor wear the character’s costume.

“I actually worked with Tom Holland when I did this movie called The Lost City of Z, years ago. And he was, I think he hadn’t even been cast as Spider-Man. And he was wearing a Spider-Man outfit when I was shooting that movie, and I was like, He really manifested that part.” 

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

What’s more hilarious is that coincidentally, nobody else but Pattinson came across this spectacle. Imagine telling someone you saw Tom Holland casually roam around in a Spider-Man outfit for no reason and that too on the set of an entirely different film before he even got the role! Now that sounds something straight out of a movie.

“It was like, it looked like a proper costume. And we were, like, in the middle of nowhere in Colombia, and with no one around, there’s no one, no one witnessed this except for me.”

Funny as it is, as the host of the show remarked, “dreams do come true.” 

A Brief Glimpse into Tom Holland’s MCU Career

Holland has played Peter Parker in a total of six Marvel movies with three of them being solo projects. He first appeared as the titular character in the Chris Evans-led film Captain America: Civil War (2016), shortly after which his MCU career took off to the heights of fame. His latest film as the web slinger was a colossal hit at the box office with Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: No Way Home grossing more than $1 billion globally.

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A still from Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
A still from Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

While Holland hasn’t reprised the role of the superhero in any new MCU films after the 2021 blockbuster, rumors claim that he will soon be coming back to the big screens with a Spider-Man 4 reportedly in the works.

The Avengers: Endgame star had always been a huge fan of the comic book character ever since he was a child. During his childhood, he apparently had various versions of Spider-Man costumes and merchandise. He even revealed how he’d grown up to admire Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man films. Looks like Pattinson might just be right about the actor manifesting the part of Spider-Man.

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