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“He seems to be endlessly reincarnated”: The Sandman Star Boyd Holbrook Has His Eyes Set On To Become The Next Joker, Reveals His Desire To Also Play a Bond Villain in Future

Netflix’s new series, The Sandman, and its stars, Tom Sturridge and Boyd Holbrook are all the buzz in town. Apart from the rebirth of the much-needed emo protagonist on the television screen, the Neil Gaiman comic adaptation gifted its audience with a remarkable cast who have made many among the audience pause and question their orientation.

Neil Gaiman's The Sandman
Neil Gaiman’s comic The Sandman gets adapted by Netflix into live-action series

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Adapted from a comic of the same name, the Netflix-Warner Bros. ensemble collaboration features Tom Sturridge (Morpheus/Dream), Patton Oswalt (Raven), Boyd Holbrook (Corinthian), Mason Alexander Park (Desire), Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer), Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Death), David Thewlis (Destiny), and many more.

Tom Sturridge cast as Lord Morpheus, the King of Dreams
Tom Sturridge plays Lord Morpheus, the King of Dreams

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The Unguarded Charm of Bloyd Holbrook in The Sandman

Boyd Holbrook’s Corinthian, the 6’2” teeth-for-eyes Nightmare, despite his obvious sociopathic tendencies, emanates a charm that has somehow made the villain likable. Perhaps for standing up to the oppressive cruelty of the established order and monarchy of his sovereign, Lord Dream (like Lucifer did with God) — the Corinthian becomes, like most tragic characters, the victim of his own hubris.

The Corinthian
The Corinthian

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But Holbrook doesn’t scurry back to the typecast role of a villain on the hunt. The actor steadily inculcates his personality, does the best he can with the limited screen time, and without eyes to express his intent, Holbrook uses the rest of his physical appearance and voice to build the nightmarish killer that the Corinthian is. Much like Sebastian Stan had to make do with his silent acting in The Winter Soldier, here Boyd Holbrook charms his way into the audience’s minds and lets them build the narrative around what the Nightmare is capable of.

Boyd Holbrook stars as Corinthian, a Nightmare
Boyd Holbrook stars as Corinthian, a rogue Nightmare

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Boyd Holbrook Sets Upon Big Plans For the Future

The blond-haired blue-eyed actor would make a perfect Bond villain, but that is not all. The actor, 40, has his eyes set on taking on the mantle of Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime. While talking to Men’s Health, Boyd Holbrook stated his desire to play off-book characters, unseen and unknown in the common circles, and as such every rendition of the Joker seems to strike a chord with the audience since every portrayal brings a new aspect to the comic menace.

“I just really want to play characters that are foreign to me. Selfishly, because that’s where I get to get my point of view on a different culture or a different perspective that’s someone else’s, that’s not mine. I feel like The Sandman is pretty high on my bar. I’m never the kind of guy to be closed-minded like I’d never do this, I’d never do that… It really depends.

The Joker… that character seems to be endlessly reincarnated in an interesting way. Sometimes the anchor is fun, but usually, those secondary characters are really great to play. There are just more keys on the keyboard.”

Boyd Holbrook
Boyd Holbrook

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However, now that Matt Reeves’s The Batman already has a Joker (Barry Keoghan) on its roster, it seems that role is not on the market for the actor. But as far as villains go, the cinematic experience is incomplete without one. That puts Holbrook in an interesting position to seek out roles that are better suited for him, especially since he has already proved his ability to use his leading-man looks to the test by portraying secondary antagonists on-screen and yet come out on top in audience appreciation.

As for his next project, Indiana Jones 5 will see him in an undisclosed role. And speaking of new parts, the actor says, “I think you’ll start seeing me do a lot of different things because I’ve exhausted that aspect. After that, I mean, maybe if like a Bond villain came up, I would do that.”

The Sandman is now streaming on Netflix.


Source: Men’s Health

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