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“He shook me and screamed at me!”: Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Could Not Handle Gary Oldman’s Intensity During Extreme Scenes in the Movie

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Harry Potter is the most exceptional franchise, where the viewers become invested in their journeys, and the magical universe of the Wizarding World makes the audience dream of traveling to the fictional world. The franchise gave us several favorite characters like Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort, Sirius Black, Harry Potter, and many more. In the film, fans loved to see the chemistry between Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman, playing the roles of Harry Potter and Sirius Black.

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Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort

Gary Oldman played a massive role both on and off-screen. The Darkest Hour actor was admired by the child actor and his presence would improve Radcliffe’s acting, as he motivated him. However, Daniel Radcliffe told in an interview, how he scared him so much when Oldman screamed at him on the set of Harry Potter.

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Daniel Radcliffe Was Petrified When Gary Oldman Shouted at Him

During an exclusive interview with MTV News, Daniel Radcliffe stated that he had a scary moment with Gary Oldman on the set of Harry Potter. The sequels would look into Potter’s tragedy. And by that time, the actor was mature enough to explore the franchise’s darker material and portray the character’s heavy emotions. However, he faced difficulty because “it’s kind of hard to find that level when you’re 15,” but the young actor was helped by Oldman in showcasing raw emotions. 

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Gary Oldman as Sirius Black

“[Gary Oldman] came up to me and said, ‘Do you mind if we get a bit intense?’ And then he came towards me. I thought he was going to hold me, but he shook me and screamed at me! So hard that when he let me go, I almost fell. I wanted to go crawl up in a fetal position.”

The actor explained the intensity of the Academy Award-winning actor helped him in showcasing raw and powerful emotions in the movie.

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A still from Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

“And then he said, ‘Throw your head back and scream.’ And it worked.”

Through this incident, we can realize how the actors share a close bond both on and off the screen, as Sirius Black plays a crucial role in Harry Potter’s life serving as a friend, mentor, and ally. Due to this “intense” incident on the set, the young actor gave several powerful performances in the series, that made the audience sit on the edge of their seats while moving them into tears. 

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Gary Oldman was admired by the young Daniel Radcliffe

In a separate interview with MTV News, Daniel Radcliffe said that he was immensely admired by the veteran actor’s performance. He had a “quite pure and childish desire to want to impress him.” Radcliffe stated that it was great to work with him in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix as he often got something out of him.

Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman
Harry Potter and Sirius Black

“He’s always somebody who — just from being around, I don’t know whether it is from some kind of quite pure and childish desire to want to impress him or out of the fact that he just gets something out of me — having him around for some reason on the fifth film was such an amazing thing for me as an actor, and hopefully he’ll have that effect again.”

The fifth sequel to Harry Potter was one of the best because it showed a more complex and darker theme compared to the first four films. The sequel had an outstanding performance from everyone in the cast. Additionally, there were numerous memorable scenes such as The Battle at the Department of Mysteries, which made it one of the best Harry Potter films.

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Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix can be streamed on Amazon.

Source: MTV News

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