“He should be in the young Avengers”: Fans Fear MCU Would Ruin One of the Strongest Marvel Superheroes Nova

Echo EP suggests that Nova should receive his Marvel Spotlight show, which concerned the fans.

"He should be in the young Avengers": Fans Fear MCU Would Ruin One of the Strongest Marvel Superheroes Nova


  • Echo EP suggests that Nova should also get a Marvel Spotlight show, which will focus more on his own story than its impact on the MCU.
  • Marvel Spotlight is a new banner under the MCU, which focuses more on the characters than their impact to the canon.
  • However, the fans don't think, the character deserves anything less than a movie.
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For a long time, the fans have been asking for Nova in the MCU. Helmed as one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel comics, he can be a pivotal character to the cosmic side of the MCU. According to Echo’s executive producer, the character deserves his Marvel Spotlight show. However, an online debate has been started as the fans do not support anything less than a movie.

Disney+ Nova series

Marvel Spotlight is announced as a separate banner under the MCU, gearing up to start with Echo. This section would focus on more character-driven stories, and these projects wouldn’t have much effect on the canon storyline. This implies that the generic audience would not have to check out the numerous projects to catch up to these shows.

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Will Nova get a Marvel Spotlight show?

Marvel Spotlight
Marvel Spotlight

The upcoming Echo show is set up in the MCU as the very first TV-MA show in the universe. The show is also slated to kickstart the Marvel Spotlight banner, centered more on character-driven stories and not their impact on the bigger picture.

Recently, when the Executive Producer of the series, Richie Palmer, was asked about any other character who should get their Spotlight show, he replied Nova. In an interview with Screen Rant, the EP of the Alaqua Cox series expressed his wish to see in a Marvel Spotlight show.

“Truly just what I would like to see, personally, one day? It’s interesting, because I’m like, “What am I allowed to say?”

This is just what I would like to see one day. I am a big fan of the character Nova from the comics. Who knows if that would be a Spotlight character or if that would be a bigger thing? But there’s a lot of characters from the comics we haven’t introduced yet that could get their own Spotlight series.”

There have been two primary versions of Nova in the Marvel Comics, Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. While there was already an ongoing debate on which Nova should appear in the MCU, the statement of the EP has raised a new online war. The fans think anything less than a movie would ruin one of the most powerful superheroes from the comics.


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The fans are against a Nova Marvel Spotlight show

Richard Rider in the comics

While several fans think Richard Rider deserves his solo movie in the MCU, many also want Sam Alexander’s Nova to be introduced in the young Avengers project. The fans do not think a Marvel Spotlight show to be the place for a character of Nova’s stature. Let’s take a look at some of the reactions by the fans:

Several rumors have stated that a Nova project is in the works. However, we do not have any concrete reports yet. Earlier, the Russo Brothers also said that they could not introduce the character in the concluding movies of the Infinity Saga due to the already-existing crowd of superheroes.


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Undoubtedly, the superhero will appear at some point in the MCU. Some sources also say that the character would not appear before Avengers: Secret Wars. There is already a queue of powerful characters waiting for their projects or sequels, which makes it difficult for Nova to get a project soon.

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