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‘He Should Be Paid More’: Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Getting $20M for Joker 2, Fans Say He Deserves More as Movie Will Impact His Mental Health

Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Getting 20M for Joker 2 Fans Say He Deserves More as Movie Will Impact His Mental Health

Joaquin Phoenix is now getting $20M for Joker 2, but yet fans say he deserves more. We have all been interested in the lives of our Hollywood stars, and at one point we even wondered how much they get paid for their work. The news tells that Tom Cruise is relatively taking a low fee for his next two Mission Impossible moviesThe low fee means it is in the range of $12 million to $14 million, but the story does not end here. He has asked for a significant percentage of what the movie makes from the first day of its release.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2
Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2

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Joaquin Phoenix’s fans say he deserves more because it affects his mental health:

Joaquin Phoenix led Joker
Joaquin Phoenix led Joker

Joaquin Phoenix first portrayed Joker in the titular movie by Todd Phillips. The character is one of the most infamous villain roles, and not only from the DC comic universe. He had earned $4.5 million for 2019’s Joker. This movie went on and earned more than $1 billion and this also got Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar.

If there is going to be a Joker 2 by Warner Bros, then the actor will take $20 million. Yet, after this, his fans say he deserves more. Many have argued that the other actors who have been in a franchise for more than a decade take even less fee, but the fans say this particular movie will also impact his mental health. So, keeping all the things in mind, he deserves more according to the fans.

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News about the other star’s salaries:

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

According to the sources, Apple is going to pay $30 million to Leonard DiCaprio to reteam with Martin Scorsese on the historical drama Killers of the Flower Moon. Similarly, they will be paying Brad Pitt $30 million for an F1 drama. Netflix on the other hand will be paying $20 million to Chris Hemsworth and $10 million to Millie Bobby Brown for their upcoming movies, Extraction, and Enola Holmes.

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Fans want Joaquin Phoenix to get paid more:

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

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People on Twitter are really worried about Joaquin Phoenix’s mental health because Joker 2 will be impacting his. Here are some tweets asking to raise the fee of Joaquin Phoenix:

Well, it is not always about the money for the actors. Sometimes it is about loving their work and providing entertainment to their audience.

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Written by Kathakali Sarkar