“He spoke to me as if he’s a friend”: Despite Tough Brit Exterior, Tom Hardy’s Sweet Gesture for Terminally Ill Patient’s Last Wish Proved Even Venom Has a Heart of Gold

"He spoke to me as if he's a friend": Despite Tough Brit Exterior, Tom Hardy's Sweet Gesture for Terminally Ill Patient's Last Wish Proved Even Venom Has a Heart of Gold

Tom Hardy, a versatile and talented actor, has left his mark on Hollywood with his remarkable performances in various roles. Apart from his acting skills, he has a pure heart as well. So, he may portray the role of Venom in reel, but he has a heart of gold in real life.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

A fan in hospice care had a “final wish” granted by the actor after he video-chatted with her in response to a social media appeal. The fan, mum-of-two, who has cancer, is a huge fan of the Peaky Blinders star.

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Superfan’s Last Wish Granted as Tom Hardy Video Chatted

Tom Hardy has fulfilled the wish of a fan receiving hospice care by video calling her. The Warwick Myton Hospice staff shared a photograph of the patient Jo-Anne Shaw on Facebook along with a note sharing her desire to see the actor.

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In the post, Shaw is pictured next to a life-size cut-out of the actor and holding a sign that states:

Hello my name is Jo-Anne Shaw. I’m 58 years old and dying of cancer at Warwick Myton Hospice.

I’m a Tom Hardy super fan and I would love to fulfil my final wish and meet him. Please help me by liking and sharing this post.”

Tom Hardy has fulfilled the “final wish” of a fan
Tom Hardy has fulfilled the “final wish” of a fan | Photo: THE MYTON HOSPICES

After that, the post went viral and caught the attention of Hardy. The actor responded on Instagram saying: “Be my pleasure.”

He video-called her and Mrs Shaw said: “He has made my day.”

Mrs Shaw said that she was so excited, adding, “He spoke to me as if he’s a friend.”

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Tom Hardy Said She Was So Popular Lady

The hospice expressed their happiness over the fact that Jo-Anne Shaw had a Facetime with Tom Hardy in addition to their phone conversation. And the terminally ill patient also jumped out with joy and said:

I’m such a big fan of his, I’ve watched all his movies and boxsets especially during lockdown. I love him to bits.”

The star told Ms Shaw she was a "very popular lady".
The star told Ms Shaw she was a “very popular lady” | Photo: THE MYTON HOSPICES

The star told Ms. Shaw she was a “very popular lady“.

She added: “I haven’t been very well for a while now, but he put me on a pedestal for a day and that’s all I can ask for.”

Such class and kind gestures to fans make one a great human being apart from being a great movie star.

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