“He starts to enter into the realm of the supernatural”: Not Joseph Quinn, Another Stranger Things Actor Hints Wild Return That Might Turn the Series Upside Down

"He starts to enter into the realm of the supernatural": Not Joseph Quinn, Another Stranger Things Actor Hints Wild Return That Might Turn the Series Upside Down
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Stranger Things has amassed a massive number of fans worldwide and is undoubtedly one of the most popular Netflix series. Even though we haven’t gotten many updates regarding the fifth season, the hype has been high since the fourth season was dropped in 2022. There are several theories among the fans regarding the upcoming and the final season that have raised many discussions.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Many theories suggest that a major character can be brought back from death in the final season. And in this case, many fans thought it to be Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson who attracted a massive fan following in the last season. However, the comments by the Dr. Martin Brenner actor Matthew Modine hint towards another potential comeback.

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Will Matthew Modine return in Stranger Things 5?

It is not the first time, that Stranger Things fans have asked this question. Earlier also Dr. Brenner has survived two instances where everyone thought his time to be over. One in the first season with the Demogorgon and the other during the attack by 001. Although, this time we are clearly shown his body lying in the middle of the desert, the concept of death is not so simple in the world of movies and television shows.

Matthew Modine
Matthew Modine as Dr. Brenner

When the question was asked to the actor Matthew Modine himself, the Oppenheimer actor said to Men’s Health that he didn’t have any answer for that. He stated that the original creators, The Duffer Brothers are very secretive, and nobody but them knows better about these theories.

“I wish I had an answer for that. The Duffer Brothers were asked that question and said, ‘Brenner is no longer with us.’ Does that mean he’s dead? I don’t know. The fascinating thing about Brenner is not just that he survived the Demogorgon, but he also survived 001’s attack. He and Eleven were the only ones who were alive after that attack. It wasn’t just surviving one monster; he survived a second.”

The conversation grew more interesting as Matthew Modine gave a theory of his own where the actor hinted at the possibility of him being 000. He justifies this by giving examples from the series where Papa stood unaffected by Eleven’s abilities. Moreover, it would also explain why was Papa so deeply involved in this scientific project in the very first place.


“The interesting thing to me was when Eleven regained her powers in episode 5 and began to escape. She dispatches three or four guards trying to stop her. Brenner shows up, and she tries to use her abilities against him. It doesn’t work, and Brenner says, ‘You didn’t think it’d be that easy. Did you?’ That’s fascinating to me because now I believe Brenner starts to enter into the realm of the supernatural, or perhaps he’s 000. But this is only existing in my imagination.”

It must be remembered that none of these theories can be considered concrete until they are confirmed by official sources although they look quite interesting and strong. But on the other hand, some Stranger Things fans also believe in the return of Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson.

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Rumors about Joseph Quinn’s return are also strong

Joseph Quinn As Eddie Munson In Stranger Things
Joseph Quinn As Eddie Munson In Stranger Things

Even though Dr. Martin Brenner’s speculations sound more concrete and powerful, some avid fans of Stranger Things also feel Joseph Quinn‘s character can return. Unlike Steve Harrington, who took his time to turn from the regular bully to almost everyone’s favorite character, Eddie Munson won the hearts in a single season.


The fans were quite sad when Munson had to face an unfortunate death in the Upside Down. But now it is being discussed that the upcoming season might see him return as ‘Kas’. The character is taken directly from the lore of the Dungeons & Dragons which is always shown as an integral part of the series. According to the lore, Kas was a vampire who went on a head-to-head battle against Vecna from which he came out victorious.

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There are also many underlying symbols used for Eddie Munson that openly hint at this major D&D connection. Firstly, Kas was also attacked by a swarm of bat-like creatures that brought his end. The song played by Eddie Munson to attract the demobats “Master of Puppets” also hints towards him being a puppet of Vecna.


According to Reddit, the spikey shield we have seen in the series is also similar to Kas’ weapon and the devil horns made by Munson with his fingers might also reflect the horns of Kas’ helmet. Now we have to wait for the ongoing strikes to finish before we get to see the final season of Stranger Things. The show has turned into a pop culture phenomenon since it was released and another animated spin-off based on the show is in development as well.

Stranger Things can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: Men’s Health / Reddit

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