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“He thought Sexy Girl in Video From That?”: Hollywood’s Heartthrob Zendaya Received a Surprising Text From Bruno Mars After Her Lip Synch Video

Hollywood's Heartthrob Zendaya Received a Surprising Text From Bruno Mars After Her Lip Synch Video

Zendaya has been the talk of the town for quite a while for all the good reasons. The actor has been a part of some great movies and has made a mark in the industry. From her humble beginnings as a dancer in her early teens to landing her debut role in the famous television sitcom Shake It Up (2010–2013) on Disney Channel, the actor has worked her way up.

Zendaya’s fame and spontaneity on stage ended up in the Dune actor getting a call from none other than Bruno Mars, as the latter came across a lip-sync battle with Zendaya in it dressed up as the singer. Zendaya was performing 24K Gold and slayed her performance and Bruno couldn’t help but appreciate it.

Zendaya performs Bruno Mars' 24k Magic in Lip Sync Battle
Zendaya performs Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic in Lip Sync Battle

Zendaya’s Impression Won the Internet

It all started in the Lip-Sync Battle where the adorable duo of Zendaya and Tom Holland went head to head against each other. At the beginning round, Tom Holland went on with Ride Wit Me by Nelly, while Zendaya covered Erica Badyu’s Tyrone. The battle went on to the second round where both the actors were to dress up as the artists they were mimicking with dancers and props.

Zendaya went on ahead as she performed on 24k Gold by Bruno Mars. Her impression was outstanding, to say the least with videos of the performance floating all over the internet, getting shared on all social media platforms. The wave of applause reached Bruno Mars himself, and he couldn’t help but get floored by her performance. The singer then didn’t hesitate to call up Zendaya.

The actor shared a note of that beautiful incident on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as she said,

“they saw the lip sync battle so i i
impersonated Bruno for my lip sync
battle and it was fun and i and i i feel
that i did a pretty good job yeah at
taking on his you know his swag and
whatnot um and apparently he saw that
and i guess that in his mind like
he thought sexy girl in video from that
i don’t know because
the correlation there well yeah maybe
yeah but either way he called you but he
called me he’s like i got a text and it
was like hey this is bruno can i call
you and i was like
sure yeah
absolutely and so he called and he was
like hey you know i’m doing this video
and i really want you to be part of it i
was like man like
why why me
from from that video like how how does
that strike gracefully to you but it was
awesome it was really cool he was he was
so fun and it was it was a good day”
Zendaya and Jimmy Fallon
Zendaya and Jimmy Fallon

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Zendaya and Tom Holland Gave It Their Best

As Zendaya raised the bar with her performance in the second round of the Lip-Sync Battle, fans definitely felt they had a winner already, but as they say, it’s never really over till the curtains fall. The Spider-Man: No Way Home actor marked his entry into the stage. He began with a little tap dance on Gene Kelley’s Singing In The Rain and soon transitioned into what could only be explained as something the viewers never saw coming.

Tom Holland came in front impersonating Rihanna from her music video Umbrella dressed up similar to what Rihanna wore in the actual video. From his accurate lip-sync to his spot-on dance moves, the actor managed to woo the audience. Even Zendaya couldn’t help but groove to the song and the performance. No prizes for guessing who won the Battle.

The video of Holland’s performance received over 68M views on YouTube.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

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