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‘He took one look at me and wanted to kill me’: Robert Downey Jr. Saw Award Winning Actor Hugh Grant as His Mortal Enemy

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Way before the time of the MCU i.e way before he got into his role as Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. was still a major movie star who was doing good for himself in Hollywood. The actor would appear in big movies like Zodiac, Chaplin, Only You, and so on.

It was his lead role in the 1995 historical drama Restoration that would spawn a decades-long feud- one-sided hate for the movie’s co-star Hugh Grant. We’re not sure as to what happened between the two that Downey Jr. garnered hate for Grant, but they’ve at least decided to make amends…by tweeting.

Robert Downey Jr. FandomWire
Robert Downey Jr. (right) in Restoration

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Hugh Grant Thought Robert Downey Jr. Wanted To ‘Kill’ Him

The title in itself may sound very threatening, but Robert Downey Jr. was destroying his body with a lot of different substances during the filming of Restoration – weed, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, you name it. So it was probably that!

Robert Downey Jr. FandomWire
Hugh Grant

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Hugh Grant, during a guest appearance on The Jess Cagle Interview, shared the time when he and the Iron Man actor were working together on a movie set. He claims that his co-star wasn’t too fond of him, and claims this-

“He hated me. Hated me. We did a thing called ‘Restoration’ and he took one look at me and wanted to kill me. I don’t know why. I was so hurt.”

Much like a lot of fights that happen, Downey Jr revealed during an interview with People that he had a false impression of Grant, perceiving him as arrogant, and having no particular reason to dislike the Notting Hill star-

“I kinda think he’s a jerk. Don’t know, I just think he is. My personal experience with him is I think he’s this kind of self-important, kind of, like, boring flash-in-the-pan a*****e Brit.”

Not a lot of communication between two actors working on the same project! Maybe Hugh Grant misinterpreted the actor’s intoxicated state for a look of disgust, but as Downey Jr. reveals, he did have some reservations about his Restoration co-star.

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It’s All Good Between Robert Downey Jr. And Hugh Grant

The one-sided feud between Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Grant is more than two decades old, and honestly, it was time to wrap things up on such a trivial matter.

Robert Downey Jr. FandomWire
Robert Downey Jr.

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Downey Jr. took to Twitter to finish off this unnecessary fight that was, despite his admitting to not liking Grant, caused by a simple look on the face. The Tony Stark actor tweeted-

This tweet was an almost instant response to Grant’s comments about Downey Jr. during an appearance in The Jess Cagle Interview. Grant would happily reciprocate the end of ill-feeling between the two that wasn’t resolved for years in another tweet a few hours later-

It’s quite evident that Tony Stark’s character development into a much more mature superhero has in turn affected Robert Downey Jr.’s way of dealing with things!

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