“He used him to hype a flop movie”: The Rock Gets Blamed For Humiliating Henry Cavill as Fans Convinced Black Adam Weak Box-Office Numbers Forced James Gunn to Reboot DCU

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s attempt at being the harbinger of all things good and pure ended up dying a quick and brutal death. The Black Adam actor’s ambitious approach to fixing the broken DC Universe by glorifying the magnitude of his role and his film was not all that when it came to performing at the box office. With most fans left exhilarated at the re-entry of Henry Cavill, the truth underlying the October superhero launch almost escaped notice, but not for long. Black Adam‘s disappointing failure to swing a home run also becomes the punching bag for the DCU fandom’s latest outrage — Henry Cavill’s departure. Again.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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The Rock’s Black Adam Fails to Reinstate Henry Cavill in DCU

Once considered the elixir, Black Adam has now become a definitive poison that needs to be weeded out before further plans get sidetracked by its influence within the DCU. The upsetting crash-and-burn of Dwayne Johnson‘s solo venture can be attributed to many factors, but none bear such overwhelming reason as the aggressive tunnel-vision marketing strategies of The Rock who went all in on Henry Cavill‘s cameo.

Henry Cavill's Superman breathes his last at DC
Henry Cavill’s Superman breathes his last at DC

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After promising a hierarchy change and a better future for the lost and rudderless DC fandom, Black Adam came between two monumental shifts within the franchise — the Warner Bros. Discovery merger and the formation of DC Studios. Both events were of magnitudes much larger than anything that The Rock had control over, and the actor took advantage of the shifting tectonics within the internal structure of the company to rope in Henry Cavill for his film.

Keeping the focus of the majority of his film on Black Adam’s history and rise as an anti-hero, the mid-credits was purposefully and strategically used to establish Superman within the DCU and set him up for a future trilogy that would end in a Black Adam v Superman showdown, as teased by The Rock after the film’s premiere. But the actor’s focused vision on a single character was not agreeable to Warner Bros. Discover and David Zaslav’s 10-year vision.

The Rock as Black Adam
Fans blame The Rock for muscling in Henry Cavill in Black Adam

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Moreover, The Rock’s promotional technique of hogging the spotlight away from his DCU film’s core synopsis resulted in an overly hyped fandom whose Cavill-induced high ended in a crash that delivered more disappointment than was warranted at first sight. The consequential box office flop added to the already weighted problems of the new DCU management that has been critical with projects that fail to give the execs a reason to keep them afloat.

Fans Blame The Rock For Henry Cavill Being Sidelined By DC

Twitter has been in an anger-driven haze ever since James Gunn’s announcement of shifting away from the shackles of its past and consequently, Henry Cavill as Superman. The short-lived excitement at the actor’s return quickly washed away after the devoted fandom began looking for someone to blame. The closest subject who qualified as the antagonist of the Cavill-DC love story was The Rock, whose aggressive strategies, as per critics, did not end well for all parties involved.



Following the news of Cavill’s exit, there are fans who are trying to stay optimistic about his return at some point in the future since James Gunn also announced that the pair might have an opportunity to work together. Beyond that indefinite promise, some fans have also thanked The Rock for bringing back Henry Cavill as Superman one last time, and no matter how hurtful, Cavill’s presence did deliver a sense of closure after the fiasco of 2017.


Black Adam will debut on HBO Max on December 16, 2022.

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