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‘He Wants To Bring This Team Together’: Black Adam Jaume Collet-Serra Hints Black Adam Will Challenge Hawkman’s Leadership Position in the JSA

Amongst all the DC properties in the DCEU, Jaume Collet-Serra-directed Black Adam seems to be the only safe film from being canceled. Starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular character, the film will see the anti-hero return to human civilization after 5000 years.

Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson decided to portray Black Adam after an internet poll.

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Amongst all the hype for Black Adam, seeing Henry Cavill’s Superman cameo is still one of the most prevalent expectations from fans. Considering the rivalry between the characters and Dwayne Johnson’s statements of wanting to see Henry Cavill return, fans expect this rumor to be true.

Hawkman’s history in DC comics

Being one of the more complicated characters from the comics to adapt, Hawkman has added to the roster of Black Adam too. Originally, the character is a Prince from Ancient Egypt who is killed by his rival, to eventually get reincarnated as an American archeologist, Carter Hall.

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Black Adam
Black Adam and Hawkman both deal in magical powers, a weakness of Superman.

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Another version sees him being the descendant of an alien planet named Thanagar. The Justice League animated series saw both versions melded into one to give a more interesting backstory to the character.


Hawkman according to Black Adam director

Considering it’s a Black Adam movie, the director will be scaling down on the story of Hawkman, hinting at more installments developing the character in the future. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the director further elaborates on how the character will be portrayed, he said:

“He is a very driven character that knows that he’s on the right side… definitely, he’s a leader. He wants to bring this team together, and bring a certain stability to the world. Hawkman has a very strong sense of what’s right or wrong, and Black Adam challenges that.”

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Aldis Hodge will star in Black Adam as Hawkman/Carter Hall.

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He even noted that it would be weird for the characters, Hawkman and Black Adam to exactly take 5000 years before being resurrected, stating it will be too confusing. Considering Hawkman’s rich history, he can easily help DCEU come up with interesting installments.

Black Adam is slated to release on October 21, 2022.

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