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“He was a fallen king”: Forget Zack Snyder, WB Rejected Hugh Jackman’s ‘Logan’ Style Aquaman Movie That Would Never See The Light For Its Extremely Brutal Story

Forget Zack Snyder, WB Rejected Hugh Jackman's 'Logan' Style Aquaman Movie That Would Never See The Light For Its Extremely Brutal Story

The majority of DC fans would unanimously agree that Aquaman has been the best DC movie ever to have been made. At least for the Snyderverse, it stood out from the rest for its compelling storyline and for delivering a superhero that appealed to die-hard fans as well as new ones for its somewhat relatable characteristics and fresh narrative.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman’s Logan was a dark, grittier, and mature theme, that distinguished itself from other Marvel Comic-based movies. So what would have happened if Aquaman was set on the same dark, mature themes? Well, before it could ever become a possibility, Warner Bros. killed the idea and since then it has become a part of the ‘what if’ narrative that would probably never see the light of day.

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WB Rejected Aquaman Storyline Based On Darker, Morbid Theme

Hugh Jackman's Logan
Hugh Jackman’s Logan

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Zack Snyder‘s Snyderverse has been credited with building a darker MCU has since been quashed and James Gunn has been working to ‘rejuvenate’ the DC verse with more concrete and fresh concepts. While many characters have been recast or readapted, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has remained the same.

While Aquaman is charming and yet formidable, it is the movie’s fresh narrative devoid of the usual DC darkness that made it become DC’s first billion-grossing movie. However, before the movie was made there was another storyline that would have made Arthur Curry a darker or perhaps darkest character, similar to Hugh Jackman‘s Logan.

Jeff Nicholas, on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, revealed that it was he who pitched the idea but was rejected by WB.

“I still have scenes from [Aquaman] in my head that would’ve been good. They would’ve been quite different from the film that was made… I liked the older Aquaman, like when he had a harpoon for a hand. He was a fallen king and his son had died. He was in mourning.”

While his idea was unfortunately dropped, fans hope they might get to see it once on the big screen.

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Meanwhile, Aquaman 2 Is Scheduled To Release Soon

Aquaman 2 will be on screens on December 20
Aquaman 2 will be on screens on December 20

The highly anticipated sequel will finally be hitting the theatre at the end of this year. It is said to feature Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman teaming up with the unlikeliest of allies to save the world, once again. While fans have been eagerly waiting, the news of continuous reshoots of low audience ratings in early screening has been disappointing.

After the terrible performance of The Flash and the mediocre performance of Blue Beetle, it seems unlikely that the highly awaited sequel could surpass its prequel’s success even halfway. But only time will tell these details since not even the movie’s trailer has been revealed to the public yet.

Aquaman 2 will be in theatres on December 20, 2023.

Source: Happy Sad Confused

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