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“He was clearly having the time of his life”: Lance Reddick’s Final Performance in Critically Panned $41.8M Netflix Series Gets Fan Support, Call Him Only Saving Grace of Doomed Show 

“He was clearly having the time of his life”: Lance Reddick’s Final Performance in Critically Panned $41.8M Netflix Series Gets Fan Support, Call Him Only Saving Grace of Doomed Show 

Lance Reddick’s death has taken the world by storm. His upcoming movie, John Wick 4 is set to release soon and everyone was cheering to see the actor alongside Keanu Reeves in the fourth installment of the series. However, the movie would now also mark one of his last works in the Hollywood industry. He has done various other projects, many of which have received much praise.

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Lance Reddick

Some, unfortunately, have not gotten as much appreciation as one would have liked. His movie, Resident Evil on Netflix was far from what fans would label as a good series. It got a lot of criticism and was marked as a show that was simply a bad adaptation. However, after his passing, once Reddick’s fans revisited the series, they could not help but appreciate him.

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Lance Reddick’s Fans Look Back At His Work In Resident Evil

Resident Evil is an eight-episode series on Netflix that revolves around the famous games of the same name. Fans of the game had been highly anticipating the series and were hoping for it to be an accurate adaptation to satisfy a content-hungry audience. However, it failed to do so and by a lot. The series was deemed a bad adaptation and a simply bad series.

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Lance Reddick

Since the series failed to be up to the mark for the audience, it was sidelined extremely fast. Despite having a cast like Ella Balinska, Paola Núñez, and Adeline Rudolph, it was not as well received. Another cast member of the series had been Lance Reddick. He played Albert Wesker in the series and his character did receive a lot of praise despite the show’s bad ratings. Fans could notice how well he was acting in the series and how much fun he was having while playing the character. He gave his everything for the series and his efforts were clearly visible.

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Fans Appreciate Lance Reddick’s Role In Resident Evil

Lance Reddick Dead: The Wire Stars, John Wick Team Pay Tribute – The Hollywood Reporter
Lance Reddick

Lance Reddick’s role in the series is standing out for the fans now. His absence is being felt throughout the world and his works are continuously being appreciated. His hand in making the series is being noticed and fans cannot begin to express just how well he was in the role of Albert Wesker.

They claim that while the series itself may be filled with flaws, they can all be excused for Reddick’s sake. His enthusiasm for the role and visible passion leave no room for criticism and instead only allow the audience to sit back and acknowledge how well the actor was in Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is now streaming on Netflix.

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