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‘He was literally playing Rihanna at his rallies’: Donald Trump Trolled for Saying Rihanna has “No Talent” and is Nothing Without Her ‘Stylist’

'He was literally playing Rihanna at his rallies': Donald Trump Trolled for Saying Rihanna has "No Talent" and is Nothing Without Her 'Stylist'

Señor Trump has struck again. And failed in the name of comedy. But then again, what’s new? In the revolving doors of American politics, Donald Trump’s tenure as the 45th POTUS ended in 2021. As unceremonious and violent as that end was, in its aftermath, there has been hardly any noise in the two years since, especially as Trump’s social media accounts were left suspended and all activities on the public platforms were thereafter ceased. But the noise that was down to a minimum since January 2021 has returned again. And this time, it’s screaming unpleasantries at the goddess of music herself.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s Return Begins With Rihanna’s Take Down

The current socio-political atmosphere in the world has been anything but calm, although it was definitely less hilarious without Trump’s constant and unfiltered content. Approximately 24 hours ago, Meta lifted its bans on the former President just as he waddles in the midst of political and judicial controversy with the government. And although he is yet to make an appearance on any of the widely established platforms (including Twitter: ban lifted on 20th Nov. 2022), the politician has remained veritably active on Truth Social.


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Created by Trump Media & Technology Group and launched on February 2022, Truth Social under the ownership of Donald Trump serves as an alternative to Meta and Twitter. As expected, the uncensored content on the platform has been quite a topic of drama – the latest being his claims about Rihanna. Ahead of her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday [12 February], Trump posted, “Without her “Stylist” she’d be NOTHING. Bad everything, and NO TALENT!” The reception to that version of his “truth” has not been received very kindly.

The Public Trolls Donald Trump For Blasting Rihanna


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The widespread criticism of Donald Trump since the Rihanna comment has brought people out from every nook and cranny to point out the flaws in his hypocritical statement. For one, Rihanna had earlier filed a cease and desist against Trump via Broadcast Music Inc. in 2018 when a reporter brought it to attention that the politician was playing her music at a rally in Florida. The singer tweeted back, “Not for much longer… me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies.” 

In 2020, Rihanna and Trump clashed again when the former spray-painted a criticism of the latter in graffiti at a Texan ranch. Most recently, the GOP Representative of Texas, Ronny Jackson, had advocated for Rihanna not performing at the Super Bowl citing her said offenses, to which Trump followed up with the post of negatory criticism. And some people have not taken to it kindly.

Rihanna’s vendetta against Trump playing her music, however, does not merely apply to the genre-defying singer. Over the years, industry greats like Elton John and Steven Tyler too have been critical of Donald Trump and his using their music in the rallies. Now, with people coming out in unison to rear their heads at Trump, one can only wonder until Rihanna drops the ball on Sunday to finally secure yet another win against him in a landslide 3-0 score.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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