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“He was not exactly a big steaming heap of sexuality”: Christopher Reeve’s Lois Lane Ditched Him As She Confessed Her Love For Henry Cavill’s Superman

"He was not exactly a big steaming heap of sexuality": Christopher Reeve's Lois Lane Ditched Him As She Confessed Her Love For Henry Cavill's Superman

Even decades after its release, Richard Donner’s Superman remains the gold standard for modern Superhero stories and the present-day superhero landscape owes a lot to Donner’s masterpiece. Despite witnessing a plethora of actors in the iconic role of Superman, Christopher Reeve remains the definitive version, as the film got every aspect that makes the character special right.

But apart from Reeve’s brilliant performance and Donner’s incredible direction accompanied by John William’s iconic score, Margot Kidder also plays a significant part in crafting the perfect Superman story. Even though many talented actresses have portrayed the role of Lois Lane onscreen, no one comes close to Kidder’s iteration of the character. However, according to the late actress, Man of Steel star Henry Cavill was able to surpass Christopher Reeve in one aspect.

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Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve

Margot Kidder showcased her fascination for Henry Cavill’s Superman

Even though the writing of his version of the character can come a little off for Superman fans, it is safe to say that Henry Cavill was the perfect actor to carry the legacy of Christopher Reeve forward. However, according to Margot Kidder, Cavill’s iteration of Superman was far more sexier than her Superman costar and she didn’t back away from expressing her fascination with The Tudors star. She said,

“Oh my god, he’s heaven. He’s heaven! He’s got a sexuality! As wonderful as Christopher Reeve was, and he was wonderful and perfect, he was not exactly a big steaming heap of sexuality. And this Cavill really is. I loved him on The Tudors. I couldn’t get enough of him,”

Although the actress was initially optimistic about Cavill’s interpretation of the iconic character, Kidder wasn’t quite rejoiced by the final outcome.

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Man of Steel (2013)
Man of Steel (2013)

Margot Kidder wasn’t a fan of Henry Cavill’s version of Superman

Unlike Christopher Reeve, who perfectly embodied the essence of Superman and the characteristics that make him Clark Kent, Zack Snyder took a more cynical approach with Cavill. Unsurprisingly, like most Superman fans, Margot Kidder too wasn’t a big fan of this approach, as she speculated that the decision of making Superman more dark and gritty felt like a studio choice. Kidder said,

“I think there was a cynical decision on the part of the studios, which are now owned by multi-national conglomerates just like everything else on the planet. So they would make these artistic decisions by non-artists, guys would want to hit the millennial demographic because they literally make up about one-quarter of the population.”

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Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder

Although Tyler Hoechlin has been doing a great job with the material he is given in Superman & Lois, fans are still waiting for a faithful adaptation of Superman on the big screen once again. But with James Gunn In charge, who is heavily influenced by Christopher Reeve’s Superman, we might finally witness the perfect iteration of the character on the big screen since 1978.

Superman is available to stream on Max.

Source: MTV News

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