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“He was not involved in the process”: Kevin Feige Reportedly Blindsided by Victoria Alonso’s Firing, Fuels Rumors of MCU Head Leaving $40.8B Marvel Studios Yet Again

Kevin Feige Reportedly Blindsided by Victoria Alonso’s Firing, Fuels Rumors of MCU Head Leaving $40.8B Marvel Studios Yet Again

Victoria Alonso has been the center of attention for the past few days thanks to her abrupt exit from Marvel Studios. She worked under Kevin Feige and had been a part of the company for over seventeen years before she was dismissed from her duties as the president of the physical production, post-production, VFX, and animation.

Victoria Alonso
Victoria Alonso

Amidst the news of Victoria Alonso’s firing, reports emerged suggesting that she was “Singularly responsible” for the toxic environment at Marvel Studios. Since her dismissal, there have been no confirmations about why exactly Marvel Studios let go of her. While she and Kevin Feige had been working together for a long, long time, reports are suggesting that he was not involved in the decision-making when it came to Victoria Alonso’s removal from the company as the situation was too difficult for him.

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Kevin Feige Didn’t Intervene in Victoria Alonso’s Removal

Victoria Alonso and Kevin Feige
Victoria Alonso and Kevin Feige

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Victoria Alonso has worked closely with Marvel President Kevin Feige during her seventeen-year-long run at the Marvel Studios. She also worked alongside the company’s co-President, Louis D’Esposito. According to Variety’s sources, the decision to remove Alonso from her roles was made by a group that included Human Resources, Disney’s legal department, and a few other executives. The Co-Chairman of Disney Entertainment, Alan Bergman, was also involved in the process.

However, there was one name that was nowhere to be seen on the table – Feige.

According to a source, Feige “felt mired in an impossible situation and, ultimately, did not intervene.” Another source added that Alonso was blindsided by it all.

As of now, no one outside the company has any idea about why Alonso was asked to leave. However, Vulture’s senior reporter, Chris Lee reported that Alonso was “Singularly responsible for Marvel’s toxic work environment.” He also stated that she had a ton of power and she, along with Feige, approved every single shot for all the projects. Lee also added that according to tech, if you upset Alonso in any way, you’re going to get frozen out of work. We wonder how much truth there is to the report!

Alonso’s removal comes along with the rumor that Feige is trying to leave his position at Marvel Studios for a better work opportunity.

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Is Kevin Feige Leaving the Marvel Studios?

Kevin Feige and Alan Bergman
Kevin Feige and Alan Bergman

If the report by Jeff Sneider is to be believed, Feige might be looking for an out from his Marvel title. According to Sneider, Feige will be bidding goodbye to Marvel after the release of Fantastic Four and X-Men. He added that Feige would love to be the top creative at Disney and become the company’s number two, in place of Bergman.

“I’ve heard that the job that Kevin had always coveted was that of Alan Bergman, who was basically like the number two at the studio. I think that maybe Kevin’s thing, being the creative, absolute head of the studio, who can put his fingerprints on everything and leave maybe the business stuff to someone in the Iger type of seat…Kevin would just love to be [at] the top of Disney, period, for creative…Basically what I’m getting at is that Feige wants to be the number 2 at Disney. He aspires to be more than the head of a label. Not that Marvel’s a label, it’s a full-blown studio as is Lucasfilm, but you know what I mean. Lucasfilm, Marvel, they still at the end of the day report to Disney. They are Disney owned.”

Do you think Feige would be abandoning the Marvel Studios after the years he has put in? This isn’t the first time rumors emerged about Feige wanting to leave the Studios for a better opportunity. However, the previous rumors were debunked by Variety. The outlet stated that Feige was perfectly content in his role at Marvel. With the continuing descent of Marvel, it’s quite possible that Feige could be changing his mind.

Source: Variety

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