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“He was really disappointed”: Jimmy Kimmel Left Heartbroken After $1.4B Top Gun 2 Star Tom Cruise Skipped Oscars Out of Fear, Reveals His Loyalty to Hollywood’s Savior

“He was really disappointed”: Jimmy Kimmel Left Heartbroken After $1.4B Top Gun 2 Star Tom Cruise Skipped Oscars Out of Fear, Reveals His Loyalty to Hollywood’s Savior

After delivering one of the biggest blockbusters of 2022 in the form of Top Gun: Maverick, The possibility of Tom Cruise receiving an Oscar Award was becoming more of a reality than hope. After almost 40 years of waiting, the film came out in theatres with such an outstanding reception from the audience that in no time, the film grossed a box office record of $1.4 Billion, even declaring it one of the quintessential parts of modern cinema.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in a still from Top Gun: Maverick

Thus, with the advent of the 95th Academy Awards, there were heavy speculations that suggested that the sequel to the aviator film would be one of the winners of the prestigious awards. But much to many people’s surprise, there was no mention of the film for Best Picture, and no appearance of Cruise, which made the host of the ceremony Jimmy Kimmel disappointed because he wanted to thank the star for saving cinema.

Tom Cruise’s Absence Made Jimmy Kimmel Unhappy

Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Cruise
Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Cruise

After the night of the 95th Academy Awards, the internet was filled with stories from the event that related to behind-the-scenes and backstage stories that the audience had little to no knowledge of. Among these tales, there was also the sad tale of Jimmy Kimmel, who had to be disappointed during the night because Tom Cruise made no appearance at the Dolby Theatre during the award ceremony.

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Talking about the experience with Variety, Molly McNearney, Kimmel’s wife, talked about the entire process of what it was like to prep for one of the biggest events of the year, as she revealed the monologue and its creation process. Along with that, she also revealed the host’s disappointment with the fact that the Top Gun: Maverick star was a no-show at the event. Kimmel’s disappointment was justified because he had an entire three-minute section of his monologue dedicated to talking about Cruise and how his film saved modern-day cinema. She said:

“Jimmy loves Tom. Tom had just been on the show the week before, and they talked about seeing each other and Jimmy was excited to tell him that we got real Navy pilots to do the flyover at the top of the Oscars. Jimmy was really disappointed he didn’t come.”

The reasons for his absence from The Oscars still remain a mystery, but some speculate that the star might have caught wind of the fact that he wasn’t going to be awarded the Oscar for Best Picture, which eventually went to Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.

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What’s Next For Tom Cruise?

Tom Crusie in a behind-the-scenes still from Mission: Impossible: Fallout
Tom Cruise in a behind-the-scenes still from Mission: Impossible: Fallout

Cruise might not have won the Oscar for Best Picture, but that will stop him from trying to do what he loves, which is seeking the thrill of making films that push him to the edge of danger. After flying real Naval fighter jets in Top Gun: Maverick, the star is all set to return in the seventh installment of Mission: Impossible. Taking some of the biggest risks of his life by doing death-defying stunts to raise the bar even further.

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Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, in cinemas on 14th July 2023

Source: Variety

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