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“He wasn’t my favorite person on set”: Tom Hardy’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Body Double Won’t Call Him a “D*ck”

"He wasn't my favorite person on set": Tom Hardy's 'The Dark Knight Rises' Bane Body Double Won't Call Him a "D*ck"

The profession of an actor demands a strong personality. And quite often, the most successful careers have been linked with the biggest personalities (which adds more tantrums). Similarly, there have long-running rumors about the legendary actor, Tom Hardy’s difficult behavior on film sets. But one of his coworkers is not afraid to talk about working with the 45-year-old actor.

Well, Tom Hardy is known for a lot of things (of course, for a good reason), but it seems that he isn’t always warm and friendly. And his body double in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, Liam James Collins, has some opinions on that. And trust us, that’s not nearly as impressive as his fans might think.

Tom Hardy's Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Earlier, this month, Collins made an appearance on the On a Mission Podcast to discuss the actor’s work, in particular his time spent on the superhero film’s set. 

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For the unversed, the Academy Award-nominated actor made his acting debut as a relatively skinny soldier in HBO’s Band of Brothers. 

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Recalling The First Experience Of Being Tom Hardy’s Body Double

Liam James Collins has spoken candidly about working with Tom Hardy on the renowned DC movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Perhaps it is one of Collins’ most significant roles, working on this film almost took place over the course of a half-year. So it’s obvious that during that time, he gathered some vital information about the actor who played DC’s supervillain, Bane in the film.

During a podcast episode of On a Mission, Collins discussed working with the Venom actor as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He recalled and shared his feelings with host, Ellie McKay when he learned he had been selected for “the biggest movie in the world.”

Tom Hardy as Bane in a still from The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy as Bane in a still from The Dark Knight Rises

He recalled the casting agent saying:

“It’s the biggest movie on Earth with the biggest budget a movie has ever had, with the biggest director in the world at the moment and the world’s greatest cast of actors,” but she couldn’t say what the movie’s name was until later.”

However, the body double for the 45-year-old actor also wasn’t shy enough to further admit that “he [Tom Brady] wasn’t his favorite person on set” to work with.

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Tom Hardy’s Body Double Answers Whether Actor ‘is A D**K’ 

They spent six months looking for a body double for Tom Hardy’s Bane before they found Liam James Collins, who ended up being the ideal choice. This is because even his physical characteristics were “exactly the same” as the Warrior actor.

Collins was then asked by podcast host, Ellie McKay what he thought of Hardy off-camera, and he described him as “really unpredictable” (whatever that means). In the end, the actor wasn’t even Collins’ “favorite person on set,” despite his expectations that Hardy would be “brilliant, amazing, like, the greatest guy.” 

Although the body double claimed to “enjoy being around” Hardy, he thought other celebrities were more appealing. Because of this, the host decided to get straight to the point to ask if Hardy “was a d*ck”, which was the real question being asked.

Tom Hardy's Body Double Answers Whether Actor 'is A D*cK' 
Tom Hardy’s Body Double Answers Whether Actor ‘is A D*cK’

But Collins assured McKay that despite Hardy’s occasionally “prickly” demeanor, he wasn’t. 

“No, he wasn’t a d*ck in any way. I promise.”

The body double further claimed that while on other days he would have preferred to keep it quiet andgo and talk to Morgan Freeman instead,” other times they would have “a really warm conversation” and everything would get fine.

At last, the body double declared that working on The Dark Knight Rises was “still the best six months ever” because he was able to collaborate on a fantastic film with his idols. 

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Source: On a Mission Podcast

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