“He would’ve never been happy in the south”: Kit Harington’s Hot Take on Jon Snow Might Anger Game of Thrones Fans

Jon Snow may be the one who knows nothing but the saying doesnʼt quite fit when it comes to Kit Harington.

Jon Snow and Iron Throne


  • Game of Thrones ending still remains a subject of raging debate and mass hatred over rushed finale.
  • Kit Harington breaks down Jon Snowʼs Season 8 finale arc for fans despite divisive reaction about his fate.
  • Kit Harington resigns Jon Snowʼs fate to the North of the Wall for a reason that might just make sense for his arc.
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The relevance of Game of Thrones in modern pop culture has, by definition, changed and revolutionized the concept of entertainment television and epic storytelling. Although the era of limited vision and critical thinking might be taking a back seat, the unpredictably unsatisfying ending to Season 8 of the HBO series still exists under heightened scrutiny and constant debate.


Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO Entertainment]
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]
In the Season 8 finale, the audience found Kit Haringtonʼs Jon Snow riding off into the sunset along with the wildlings and other northern tribes that hold no allegiance after uniting them under a common cause to fight the Continent’s most imminent threat: the White Walkers. And yet, the prophecy about the Prince that was promised never came true and Aegon Targaryen was lost to the North of the Wall rather than reclaiming his seat at the Iron Throne.

Kit Harington Comments on Jon Snowʼs Season 8 Fate

There are many a complex way in which the Game of Thrones fandom is divided – whether it be the fansʼ mutual hatred for Cersei Lannister and her machinations or the nomination of the monarchy. However, whereas Bran Starkʼs fate was initiated due to his ability to foresee catastrophe and his wisdom as the Three Eyed Raven, Kit Haringtonʼs Jon Snow lives up to a standard that is unparalleled by any other warrior or outcast that came before him.


Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]
Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]
As such, there are fans who respect Jon Snowʼs role in the South as a leader and explorer. There are rarely any characters with a conviction greater than Snow who could carry on their self-inflicted exile North of the Wall – a place that also held the memories of his first great love. Over time, it also became easier to understand the motivations of the characters in the series, despite their individual complexities.

On the other hand, others like Kit Harington himself understood what was at stake for Jon Snow if he were to be placed on the Iron Throne. In the words of Harington himself“People always say, ‘I wish he had been on the throne’… I disagree … he would’ve never been happy in the south. He belongs to the north of the Wall.”

Kit Haringtonʼs Take on Game of Thrones Canʼt Placate Fans

Game of Thrones [Credit: Home Box Office Inc.]
Game of Thrones [Credit: Home Box Office]
In the world of Game of Thrones, the strength of property and proprietorship over people as well as places has ultimately led Jon Snow to remain resigned to the North after the great war and the death of Daenerys Targaryen by his own hands. No amount of losses and battles fought to avenge the memory of the Starks could then bring back the sense of family that Jon Snow yearned for all his life, let alone a seat on the Iron Throne.


Kit Haringtonʼs belief about his character “belonging” to the North of the Wall makes sense for two separate reasons. Primarily, such an arc puts Jon Snow in a psychologically peaceful place that allows him to live out the remainder of his days as the warrior that he is meant to be, and not a politician or ruler.

Moreover, his blatant refusal to follow a set path exactly according to the expectations that are afforded to him makes him bring perfect balance to the otherwise decorated cast where every character has already been assigned a grand plan for the future.

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