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“Heart goes out to the victim”: Gabriel Guevara, Who Broke Up With ‘Elite’ Star Agostina Goñi, Loses Much Needed Support After Arrest at Venice Film Festival Over Sexual Assault Charges

"Heart goes out to the victim": Gabriel Guevara, Who Broke Up With 'Elite' Star Agostina Goñi, Loses Much Needed Support After Arrest at Venice Film Festival Over Sexual Assault Charges

Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara of Amazon Prime Video’s My Fault fame has been arrested at the Venice Film Festival on an international warrant for an alleged s*xual assault in France. As per reports, the 22-year-old was taken into custody by the Italian authorities during the festival on Saturday.

Gabriel Guevara was arrested at the Venice Film Festival
Gabriel Guevara was arrested at the Venice Film Festival

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The arrest happened a day before he was scheduled to be awarded Filming Italy’s Best New Actor honor. The Venice Film Festival issued an official statement on their Twitter page, detailing that the arrest wasn’t associated with any activity that had taken place at their event. Take a look.

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Venice Film Festival’s Statement On Gabriel Guevara’s Arrest

Guevara was deemed by many an up-and-coming star in the film and television scene. He has starred in endeavors like Skam España, Charter, and How to Screw It All Up. Recently, the young actor garnered a massive following after starring in Amazon Prime Video’s romantic drama My Fault. Filming Italy canceled the honor Guevara was about to receive after learning of his arrest. This was done as a “precautionary measure.”

Gabriel Guevara
Gabriel Guevara

It was exclusively reported by news outlets in 2020 that the actor was in a relationship with Elite alum Agostina Goñi. These rumors were never officially confirmed by the two. However, paparazzi photos of the ex-couple revealed them sharing passionate exchanges while out and about in Madrid. Later on, it was discovered that the two had purportedly broken up and were no longer together.

Recently, it was also speculated that Gabriel Guevara and his My Fault co-star Nicole Wallace were dating. There haven’t been any official confirmations on these rumors either.

Gabriel Guevara with co-star Nicole Wallace
Gabriel Guevara with co-star Nicole Wallace

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Addressing Guevara’s arrest, the Venice Film Festival issued the following statement:

“[We] would like to specify that the presence in Venice of Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, that some press websites have recently reported as being under arrest, was not linked to any activity or production of the 80th Venice International Film Festival.”

The news of the incident has exasperated netizens, who are extending their prayers to the affected victim.

Netizens’ Reaction To Gabriel Guevara’s Arrest

Netizens are angered by the news
Netizens are shocked by Gabriel Guevara’s arrest

Major news outlets claim that in-depth details surrounding the alleged s*xual assault or Gabriel Guevara’s arrest have not yet been provided to the public. Because the court of appeals will rule on the matter first, the extradition process may also take some time. Meanwhile, in the wake of the news, the internet has been set ablaze. Many are expressing their frustration and shock at the matter. Take a look:

It’s safe to say that netizens are simply appalled at the moment. Further details surrounding the actor’s apprehension shall soon be revealed.

My Fault (2023) is available for streaming on Prime Video.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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