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Heartbreaking Detail About Krypto, The Superdog Revealed!

Heartbreaking Detail Revealed About Krypto The Superdog min

Warning: Spoilers for Action Comics #1035 about Krypto, the Superdog!

Superman’s dog, Krypto has always been his best friend. In fact, he has also helped Superman save the world on some occasions. In the recent Action Comics #1035 written by Sean Lewis and Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with art by Sami Basri, Adriana Melo, and Daniel Sampere reveals a heartbreaking detail about Krypto.

Krypto, Superman's dog
Krypto, Superman’s dog

Kal-El is definitely the last son of Krypton, however, he is not the only Kryptonian alive on Earth. Krypto, Kal-El’s dog has always stayed beside Superman. He has also become Clark’s dog and used his inherited powers to save the world. Now that Kent and Lois are focusing on growing their family and taking care of their son, Jon, the loyal dog has a newfound role in their lives.

Krypto’s Dynamic with Superman

Action Comics #1035: Krypto Heartbreaking Detail
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Although the loyal furry friend has previously helped Superman save the world, he doesn’t always follow him on missions. In Action Comics #1035, when Clark has to leave his family, Lois asks him, “Did you say goodbye to Krypto? Because he gets all confused and looks around for you when you don’t.”

This clearly shows that Superman has previously left the family abruptly. This caused Krypto to be confused and search for his friend. No matter where Superman is, whether he is in an intergalactic crisis or imprisoned by an enemy, Krypto has always realized his absence. Maybe he might have searched the globe to find Clark.

Although Superman says that he has said goodbye, he does feel a bit suspicious about something being wrong. Krypto has the ability to get at the bottom of things even if it means searching the corners of the world for Superman. This clearly shows the deeper bond Superman and Krypto share.

Krypto’s New Role in the Family

Superman with Krypto
Superman with Krypto

With Superman’s growing legacy, Krypto has a new role in the family. Even though the loyal dog might miss his friend, he does have new responsibilities. He is definitely Jon’s new canine sidekick. And there will be days when he will miss his master, but his days will be filled with Jon being around. Jon will certainly not replace Superman but he is certainly a better company to him.

This information about Superman and Krypto’s bond will reframe several adventures of Superman. For example, when Clark fought Doomsday, he was temporarily dead. He might have been devastated to know that.

Although Superman is far away from home, Jon and Krypto will patiently wait for their father to come back.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Aditi Thosar