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“He’ll be there in spirit with us”: Foo Fighters Shock Fans After Confirming Band Won’t Break-Up After Taylor Hawkins’ Death

Foo Fighters Shock Fans After Confirming Band Won’t Break-Up After Taylor Hawkins’ Death

In 1994, a rock band was formed in the shadows of Nirvana, led by the former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl who named the one-man show, Foo Fighters. 3 years later, Taylor Hawkins joined the band and went on to create a trailblazing legacy of rock music for the next 25 years, and ushered in a post-rock age following the craze of the frenzied Eighties.

However, the gravitas that Taylor Hawkins held, after having become a legacy in his own lifetime, was felt throughout the music industry after the drummer passed away aged 50 while on tour last year in March. With 2022 drawing to a close, the Foo Fighters have now released a statement detailing the direction that the rest of the band plan on adopting moving forward, without their late bandmate.

Taylor Hawkins
Taylor Hawkins

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Foo Fighters to Move Foward Sans Drummer Taylor Hawkins

The unusual suspects that made up the band, Foo Fighters, were melded by a common denominator and it was always meant to be healing through the power of music. Not many in the industry of symphonies strive to achieve otherwise but very few succeed in creating an everlasting impact. The few that do are recognized too late or taken too soon, and the Foo Fighters were no different.

Foo Fighters move forward without Taylor Hawkins
Foo Fighters move forward without Taylor Hawkins

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The rock group defied every rationale in the music industry’s handbook, detached from the securities of their well-established places in other bands, and came together to create a family all over the globe — the same family with whom they mourned the loss of Taylor Hawkins on 25th of March, 2022.

The new year brings new hopes and new resolutions and it was during this momentous turning of the page that Dave Grohl and his fighters decided to put out a statement declaring their unanimous decision to move forward without Taylor Hawkins, and carry forth the dream that had set the group on a singular path 27 years ago.

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighter front man
Foo Fighter’s frontman, Dave Grohl

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Foo Fighters Pay Their Respects Before Bidding Adieu

In a show of public acknowledgment, the Dave Grohl band has sent out a letter heavily marred by grief and weighted down by the tragic loss of their friend and partner. But in doing so, the Foo Fighters have somehow found the strength to push forward and step into the new year with renewed promises. In their first public post that invokes and addresses how the band would be affected in the aftermath of Taylor Hawkins passing away, the band posted:

This is not the first or the only occasion that Foo Fighters have shared their grief with the world and paid tribute to the lost brother. Over the course of the remainder of their tour past year, the band held two concerts in London as a tribute to Hawkins and hosted the likes of Alanis Morissette, Travis Barker, Miley Cyrus, Josh Homme, Pink, Stewart Copeland, and members of Black Sabbath, Queen, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Soundgarden, Rush, and Metallica.

Source: Twitter | Foo Fighters

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