Hellblade 2 Confirmed to Have 1 Feature Even Elden Ring Couldn’t Include at Launch (and Still Doesn’t)

The studio will make a great addition to the features that this game will have.

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  • Ninja Theory has just confirmed via social media that Hellblade 2 will have an amazing feature for PC players.
  • The studio will add ultrawide resolutions that will be compatible with ultrawide monitors.
  • This feature is not available in many games; titles like Elden Ring have not yet added it.
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May promises to be a great month for gaming, with the release of many highly anticipated titles. Hellblade 2 is about to launch on PC and Xbox Series S/X. The studio behind the game, Ninja Theory, has just confirmed a fantastic feature for PC users. 


Not all games can accommodate this kind of addition; titles such as Elden Ring are not compatible. Part of the studio’s social media campaign, (where they will reveal one aspect of the game every day until it is released), has showcased a feature many were questioning, and thankfully it’s now confirmed.

Hellblade 2 Is Preparing for Its Big Debut by Hyping Players Even More

Hellblade 2 will have ultrawide resolution not like Elden Ring.
Hellblade 2 will have ultrawide resolution not like Elden Ring.

After many years in development and even after the acquisition by Microsoft, Ninja Theory is finally about to launch the long-awaited Hellblade 2, the sequel to the highly praised title of 2017. The game became a cult title that introduced in a very original way how a person with mental illness goes through its diagnostic process, with the addition of combat and very realistic gameplay thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine.


To promote this, the studio is making a new post every day with a feature that Hellblade 2 will have. The X account confirmed very good news for PC users: the game will be compatible with ultrawide resolutions, making every owner of an ultrawide monitor very happy.

This IP takes advantage of the full power of Unreal Engine 5 as few games can; the trailers and gameplay show astonishing graphics.


Not Even Elden Ring Could Make the Cut

The game will be released on May 21 for Xbox Series S/X, and PC.
The game will be released on May 21 for Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

Adapting this kind of feature is a challenging task for any studio; it requires careful development. Games such as Elden Ring lack this capability, and FromSoftware has never attempted to make this adaptation. The other aspect of this is that not all PC players have ultrawide monitors that need this kind of resolution, which is not something that the studio needs to prioritize above other things, like making the game run at more than 30 fps on consoles.

Hellblade 2 will have Melina Juergens as the protagonist once again. The actress made all of the motion captures for the character, and the first previews show amazing fidelity to the actress’s face. Only Unreal Engine could manage this level of realism on a face. The game will be available on May 21 on Xbox Series S/X and PC via Steam. It has become one of the year’s most anticipated titles.

Various fans are questioning the game’s success. Xbox confirmed that the title will not have a physical release, only be available in digital format, and will only have eight hours of total duration. The title’s marketing was not the best; Microsoft promoted it as an AAA big-budget title, but the studio has only released smaller games in the past. So the game’s success will only depend on how many people buy it once it is released.


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