“15 minutes with Hellblade 2 is all I can stand”: God of War’s Creator isn’t a Fan of the ‘Pretentiousness’ of Ninja Theory’s Sequel and Slams Naughty Dog in the Process

This director has no problem speaking his mind.

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  • David Jaffe, director of the original God of War, said that Hellblade 2 is too pretentious.
  • He also said that the studio behind the game is trying too hard to give the game a more artistic side.
  • Jaffe also said that the last title from Naughty Dog looks like Jackass compared to this game.
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After almost five years since its announcement, Hellblade 2 is finally available, and the reviews are starting to appear, with a very good reception from the critics. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that this game is good. 


The creator of the original God of War, David Jaffe is one of those less than impressed, and after taking to social media to air his disdain, he seems to have both support and criticism for those with some skin in the game.

The Director of the Original God of War, David Jaffe, Is Not So Happy With Hellblade 2

God of War creator, David Jaffe said that Hellblade 2 is pretentious.
God of War creator, David Jaffe said that Hellblade 2 is pretentious.

Every new release of a popular or highly anticipated game incites opinions that are not always positive or even serious. Yesterday was the official release of Hellblade 2, the long-anticipated exclusive title from Ninja Theory, available on Xbox and PC. The reception was mainly positive, but not everyone thinks that it is a good game.


David Jaffe, director of the original God of War, posted on X his first impression of the Ninja Theory title, saying that it is a pretentious game that is really trying to look like art.

Many users quickly responded to this, agreeing with Jaffe that games should be fun and not solely focused on their own ideas. The replies also said that the studio is too busy self-congratulating itself for the work done rather than focussing on more gameplay.


It Is Art, but It Also Needs to Be a Game

Hellblade 2 is already available on Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Game Pass.
Hellblade 2 is already available on Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Game Pass.

Jaffe also said that, because of its pretentiousness, the game makes the last work from Naughty Dog look like a Jackass episode. There are various other users who disagree with these opinions and point out whether he played the first game to say this kind of thing.

Some users asserted that the studio never concealed the game’s purpose or its title, ensuring that the final outcome was predictable.

The discussion continued with numerous mixed opinions. At the moment of writing this piece, Hellblade 2 has an 81 on Matacritic, literally the same score as the first title of this franchise. You can also read our review to form your own opinion about whether the game is actually good. One of the most praised aspects of this title is its amazing sound design, and the spectacular visuals are also part of the experience.


This game was announced in 2019 and is finally available for Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Game Pass. The title continues Senua’s journey through her illness while fighting enemies and all the issues in her own head. Using the astonishing power of Unreal Engine 5, this game is one of the best-looking titles of this generation, without any doubt. According to rumors and game reception, Ninja Theory is already working on a new IP.

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